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Englishman and Pre-Raphaelite painter (1827-1910)

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Holman Hunt is the first Pre-Raphaelite to join the pantheon, and, if one had doubts beforehand as to his eligibility for this distinguished treatment, Bronkhurst, by presenting him with such sympathy and scholarship, shows conclusively that he eminently deserves the accolade.
Some of the most interesting drawings are the studies Holman Hunt used to design his painting The Scapegoat.
EXHIBITION: Pre-Raphaelite drawings from the collection of National Museums Liverpool including works by Rossetti, Holman Hunt and Burne Jones.
Holman Hunt used them to work out the shape of the goat and where he should be in the composition.
The great names--Millais, Brown and Holman Hunt in particular--seem as strong as ever, but the work of artists specialising in landscape is no less impressive: J.
FOUNDED in London in 1848, at a meeting between John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Holman Hunt, the the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was made up of students at the Royal Academy of Arts.
Holman Hunt stayed at a hotel in Sydenham in order to record details form the Alhambra Court for use in his Finding of the Saviour in the Temple (1860).
Highlights from the museum's extensive collections, including later works by Cox, Ruskin, Holman Hunt and Burne Jones.
Highlights from the museum's extensive collections, including later work by Cox, Ruskin, Holman Hunt and Burne Jones.
The Scapegoat by William Holman Hunt shows a goat on its last legs in a Biblical setting.
It was also the year that he founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood with fellow artists William Holman Hunt and Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
In around 1900, the painter William Holman Hunt was persuaded to paint a third and final (the largest) version of his popular and iconic The Light of the World, the memorable, allegorical full-length portrait of Christ.
A handful of names dominate--Millais, Rossetti, Burne-Jones, Holman Hunt although landscapes by their followers are increasingly prized
One association recurred throughout my viewing of the paintings, the steel frames of which resemble giant embroidery or quilting hoops: Alfred Lord Tennyson's "Lady of Shalott," and specifically the ballad's Pre-Raphaelite representations by William Holman Hunt and John William Waterhouse.