holm oak

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Synonyms for holm oak

hard wood of the holm oak tree

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evergreen oak of southern Europe having leaves somewhat resembling those of holly

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This ecosystem, that derives from a long history of human transformation of Mediterranean forests through clearing, browsing and ploughing to provide food for livestock rearing, are composed of an overstorey of scattered oaks (mainly holm-oak and secondary Q.
The types of wood valued for making charcoal vary, but basically holm-oak and oak Quercus pyrenaica are used, which on the peneplain are often found forming dehesas--savannah-like grasslands with occasional stands of trees--(Santos et al.
Oxford English Dictionary drain-holes (saucer, 1856q), hawl (haw), holm-oak, land-army (army, see definition), missouriums (mastodon, 1847q), ywroken
On the way, you skirt mysterious mountain lakes wreathed in haze and plunge into forests of pine and holm-oak.
This zigzags finally over the shoulder of the mountain, into a wilder territory of rock, holm-oak, pine, myrtle and prickly pear, open to the distant sea.