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United States inventor who invented a system for recording alphanumeric information on punched cards (1860-1929)

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Como Brasil en 1920 (62), Mexico en 1925 (63) y Chile en 1930 (64), Colombia introdujo en 1938 como novedad las maquinas tabuladoras Hollerith (65).
Hollerith left Rapidan River in 1983 to become general manager and winemaker for Prince Michel Vineyards and Winery in Leon, Va.
Herman Hollerith IV, a member of the Saint Paul's College board and bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia.
Apple (Steve Jobs was second-generation from Syria); Amazon (Jeff Bezos is second-generation from Cuba); eBay (Pierre Omidyar is first-generation from France); Google (Sergey Brin is first-generation from Russia); IBM (Herman Hollerith is second-generation from Germany); LinkedIn (Konstantin Guericke is first-generation from Germany); and Yahoo
Over my career I've seen huge shifts in technology from the old Hollerith punched card machines to virtual storage in the "cloud"--what a rush
IBM engineers created Hollerith codes to differentiate between a Jew who had been worked to death and one who had been gassed, 3 meant death by natural causes, 4 by execution, 5 by suicide, and code 6 designated aspecial treatmentaain gas chambers.
For example, the rise of cost accountants is linked to the invention of calculating machines, such as the Hollerith device.
Peggy moved from ICI to Ashmore's, where she operated the Hollerith time card machine until it was replaced by computers.
Trepp analyst Spencer Hollerith said it's not unusual for a loan to go into special servicing a few months before it matures.
1887: The punch card calculator was patented by Herman Hollerith.
One of the earliest examples of a computing-type system for improving processes was in 1889 when Herman Hollerith patented a punch-card, data-tabulating system that increased the speed of data enumeration and expanded the scope of data analysis over previous hand tabulation systems (Sproull & Kiesler, 1991).
2) 1890 el estadounidense Herman Hollerith inventa la <<maquina tabuladora>> para realizar un censo poblacional: esto sentaria las bases para el funcionamiento de las computadoras.
Although the key idea to electronically tabulate data may have arisen from John Shaw Billings (creator of the National Library of Medicine and the first director of the New York Public Library), Herman Hollerith developed the first mechanism in the late 1880s.
Whether you look at calculators of Hollerith or the analytical Engine of Babbage, the most important driver of computerization is working more efficiently.