Holcus lanatus

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tall European perennial grass having a velvety stem

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Adaptation to acidic soil is achieved by increased numbers of cis-acting elements regulating ALMT1 expression in Holcus lanatus.
It is apparent that the occurrence of perennial mesophilous species (Cynosurus cristatus, Holcus lanatus, Lolium perenne, Phleum pratense, Plantago lanceolata etc.
Suppression of the high affinity phosphate uptake system: a mechanism of arsenic tolerance in Holcus lanatus L.
Cortaderia nitida esta asociada a especies como Cynodon dactylon, Stipa ichu, Chloris radiota, Holcus lanatus, formando pajonales altos que crecen vigorosamente e impiden por completo el desarrollo de otras especies, observado especialmente en algunas zonas de Malsitio, ocasionando en este sector algunas areas con suelos desnudos y de pastizales sin presencia de estrato arboreo y subarboreo.
En los prados de piso andino tales como la sabana de Bogota y los valles de Ubate, Chiquinquira, Duitama y Sogamoso predomina el africano "Kikuyo": Pennisetum clandestinum, asociado con Bromus catharticus, Poa annua, Holcus lanatus, Anthoxanthum odoratum y Dactylis glomerata, algunos de ellos introducidos.
Geographical distribution of initiation of flowering, growth habit and characters in Holcus lanatus.
Carryover effects on the clonal growth of the grass Holcus lanatus L.
Macnair MR and Cumbes Q (1987) Evidence that arsenic tolerance in Holcus lanatus L.
5 Lote de pastoreo con las especies pasto kikuyo Pennisetum clandestinum, pasto saboya Holcus lanatus, pasto azul orchoro Dactylisglomerata y trebol Trifolium sp.
The site was flat and under continuous (at least 50 years), long-term, unfertilised pasture (mainly Yorkshire fog, Holcus lanatus L.
Herbage intake, ingestive behaviour and diet selection, and effects of condensed tannins upon body and wool growth in lambs grazing Lolium perenne and Holcus lanatus swards in summer.
Seed of Anthoxanthum odoratum, Agrostis tenuis, Festuca ovina, and Holcus lanatus was sown on 12 February 1991 at the rate of 16600 seeds/[m.
Hughes and Brimblecombe (1994) measured condensates and exudates on Holcus lanatus L.
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