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Some of us were fans of Rahbani and others weren't, but we were all agitated by his stances against the Syrian people and we only wanted to make a point that his positions are immoral," Hokan added.
The Hokan of the Californian coastline and Baja California (Diegueno, Cochimi) were often specialized gatherers, and there were intertribal subdivisions: the coastal groups caught fish and collected seafood, and the inland groups did more hunting and collected plant foodstuffs.
He was followed by the day's keynote speaker, Hokan Lejdstrand, who is an expert in the future of coffee the internet.
At some time during prehistory, Uto-Aztecan speakers allegedly expanded from the interior desert region of southeastern California to the coast, driving a wedge into what is proposed to have been a continuous distribution of people speaking Hokan languages.
The blessing and curse of Seri ecotourism is that the guides may know the English or the Spanish names for the islands, coves, or shoals you wish to see, but refer to them in Seri, or Cmique Iitom, the last remaining dialect of the Hokan language family in Baja California.
The Yahi spoke a variation of Hokan, one of the oldest language groups in North America, "so their ancestors could be 12,000 years old," Shackley said.
Haas' interest in the so-called Hokan languages and her attempts over the year's at reconstructing them have been models for all those working with these genetically intractable idioms.
Compared with other vendors, Veeva CRM seems to be the most logical - meaning it's easy for users to figure out and fairly obvious how to do something new or different," said Hokan Ojert, vice president of sales for Valeritas.
Hokan was present with a message that was addressed to the audience present at the event.
Por su parte, Greenberg y Swadesh (1953) propusieron la pertenencia del jicaque al filo hokan con base en indicios que, de acuerdo con Campbell (1979: 965), se quedaron muy cortos en la tarea de demostrar la relacion.
The diversity of Sapirs interests is beautifully illustrated in the selections found in this volume, which the editor has arranged under several general categories: typology and classification, phonetic orthography, Hokan languages, Uto-Aztecan languages, and Algonquian and Ritwan.
This constitutes the fundamental similarity across split-intransitive marking in the Yukatek case and in those split-S or fluid-S systems found, for example, in Hokan, Siouan, Caddoan, and Iroquoian languages.
The Discovery Channel segment featured the Airship inventor Hokan Colting showing the systems and flight characteristics of the SA 60.
3) Other families or groups outside Asia that are SOV or predominantly SOV include Khoisan, Cushitic, Omotic, the Mande group of Niger-Kordofanian, Uralic (less Finnic), Papuan, Athabascan, Siouan, Uto-Aztecan, Hokan, Tanoan, Gulf, Chibchan-Paezan, Panoan, Tacanan, and Macro-Je.
Excessively high mortality in the "red oak" group in the Central Hardwood Forest Region as found at Land Between The Lakes (West Kentucky and Middle Tennessee) over the past 40 y (Wellbaum, 1989; Hokans, 1999; McQuaide, 2008) accentuates the problem by creating gaps.