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a narrow ridge of hills


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Ravenna is an ultra-high end, $500 million development in Douglas County on the west side of the hogbacks that guard the approaches to the Rockies.
Geral (limite entre Goias e Bahia), alem de relevos em forma de morros e colinas, hogbacks, e uma complexa rede de drenagem (em funcao da grande variedade de formas de relevo), sendo o principal sistema fluvial a Bacia Hidrografica do rio Araguaia, drenando toda a porcao oeste do Estado.
They are called hogbacks, geologically defined as long, sharp, crusted ridges formed by steeply inclined strata resistant to erosion.
After being buried by red clastic sediments of the Saint-Jules Formation during the Late Devonian or the early Mississippian, these hogbacks developed karstic features during early stages of their subsequent exhumation, which occurred after deposition of the Bonaventure Formation (Jutras and Schroeder 1999).
Toboggan the Hogbacks (previously detailed, if you've been paying attention).
Sandwiched between Agua Dulce and Escondido canyons, southwest of Sierra Pelona Valley, the 745-acre park is dominated by crooked formations known as hogbacks, named for their rugged, wrinkled texture.
On the other hand, we ought to give at least passing notice to a few of the topographical features commonly observed-- all those badlands and slickrock mesas, those benches, basins, reefs, rims, dikes, salt valleys, hogbacks, upwarps, monoclines, saddles, buttes, craters, arches, bridges, ridges, cliffs, towers, needles, rincons, palisades, pinnacles, spires, seeps, washes, creeks, gulches, ravines, chasms, gorges, and dunes scattered about out there, hither and yon.
Imagine, then, our excitement as we prepared to nail the mighty Hogbacks without benefit of daylight: an excitement that I managed to convey to Lester Reigle in the borrowing of his toboggan, leaving for deposit my solemn oath to return said property as good as new.