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English materialist and political philosopher who advocated absolute sovereignty as the only kind of government that could resolve problems caused by the selfishness of human beings (1588-1679)

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Since it is "for the support of this Declaration" that they make their pledge, we may be sure these principles are those spelled out in the first part of the Declaration--the part that Deneen so seriously misreads because he thinks it is really about the Hobbesian social contract.
The reason this Hobbesian view recommended free markets is that in classical physics when something advances forward, the only thing that will slow it down is some force impeding its progress; so economic advances are arrested when governments interfere with people's efforts to live their lives, including produce and consume.
took it, thus departing from a genuinely Hobbesian account, or they must
Regardless, the literature on anarchy is centered almost entirely on whether the narrow Hobbesian war of all against all will arise, and has neglected whether behavioral responses will raise confounding issues if markets radically displace government.
We are told that the letter was ill-conceived because Khamenei is a Hobbesian who thinks the international system is unfair (a misunderstanding of Hobbes, I would say) and manipulated by bullies.
Thus the struggle to remove religion from the public square is in fact a struggle to return to the state of Hobbesian barbarism in which the situation of homo homini lupus must prevail.
Naked power must be constrained by some institutionalized rules in order to escape a Hobbesian state of war, but such rules cannot embody moral ideals since these lack sufficient political consensus or motivational pull.
He considers Proudhon's understanding of anarchy and social cohesion in contrast to hegemonic realist and Hobbesian assumptions about the chaos of egoistic individuals, but also in light of Rousseau, Kant, and Comte.
The governance of global trade flows remains a Hobbesian world (i.
Cyber pessimism stems from Hobbesian logic--a logic that suggests we are living in a world where state interests compete, conflict abounds, and the war of "all against all" is always a possibility.
This is where Leibnizian heterodoxy enters the Hobbesian picture resulting in 'a kind of Hobbesian mechanical philosophy to which Leibniz has added mind, not to replace body but to supplement it.
The second element of the Kagan argument was that ideas about the efficacy of power also shape the extent to which one pursues and uses it: Europeans promote a Kantian vision of peaceful resolution of international disputes, whereas the United States is inclined to a more Hobbesian view of a world in which some kinds of disagreement can only be settled by force.
She takes a dim view of the current state of public discourse in the United States, a Hobbesian "war of each against all" characterized by cynicism, paranoia, tribalism, rancor, and "rationalist purgation.
It is this complex Hobbesian understanding of pride, where he is aware of its crucial role in politics yet thinks he can undermine it, that has come to shape subsequent realist scholarship.
According to Zagorin, "it would be wrong to suppose that the Hobbesian state of nature is completely lacking in moral principles", since even in here "men can be cognisant of the law of nature and God" (p.