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United States songwriter (1899-1981)

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The self-titled debut is a mix of folk, country gospel, bluegrass and old rock, with covers of people like Nell Young, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello and Hoagie Carmichael.
His version of Hoagie Carmichael's standard, "Skylark," remains the classic rendition, and pic's sequence devoted to the song perfectly encapsulates Paris' art.
He fondly remembers other former co-workers such as Les Carmichael, the brother of Hoagie Carmichael; Max Roby, whom Garcia called the "dean of anchormen;" and current Channel 4 reporter Robin Smith, who once worked as a film room intern for Garcia.
Asked if, after two years of litigious limbo, she had any regrets, Thomson, who is the head of the MFA program in dramaturgy at Brooklyn College and is currently working on a number of projects (including a new one-person play by Oni Faida Lampley and a Broadway-bound musical based on the works of Hoagie Carmichael), was philosophical.
Iams chose the name Eukanuba (you-can-noo'bah), an expression popularized by jazz musician Hoagie Carmichael to mean "the best," for his first dog and cat food product.