Ho Chi Minh

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Vietnamese communist statesman who fought the Japanese in World War II and the French until 1954 and South Vietnam until 1975 (1890-1969)

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Ho Chi Mihn rejected the Peace Mission but invited Nkrumah to visit Hanoi.
The country located on the north coast of the island of Borneo is also connected daily to Dubai via Royal Brunei Airlines, and can make an stopover on the way to Australia or New Zealand, or as part of a twin destination trip combining Brunei with Sabah or Sarawak, Manila or Ho Chi Mihn City, all destinations served by Royal Brunei Airlines.
He argues intriguingly, for example, that communist forces were often weaker and more vulnerable than historians have acknowledged and that different military choices (especially moves to block the Ho Chi Mihn Trail in Laos) might have produced better results for the United States.
Pese a todas sus diferencias y matices, esta fue la vision que guio a todos los grandes revolucionarios del siglo XX, desde Lenin hasta Ho Chi Mihn.
Diaz, who advises, "in the words of Ho Chi Mihn, `every poet must learn to lead a charge," is an active bridge builder between the Haitian and Dominican communities.