nitric acid

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acid used especially in the production of fertilizers and explosives and rocket fuels


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The digested leachates were traversed in a polyethylene tube, and carried to 50 mL with 1% of HNO3.
Preparation of sample solution: About 10 mL of concentrated HNO3 acid was added to the ash samples and heated over the hot plate until all the fumes subsidized.
For this study, chemical activation method was applied for the preparation of activated Kaolinitic clay and Jatropha curcas activated carbon under optimal experimental conditions using HNO3 and NaOH as the chemical activators respectively.
For the analyses of total Cd, Fe, Mn and Ni concentrations in the sediment samples 0/5 g of each dried sediment samples with three replicates were digested in concentrated HNO3 & HCL[O.
9H2O and PbO were dissolved in HNO3, DI-H2O and HCl respectively at room temperature along with fast magnetic stirring.
Oven dried samples were digested separately in HNO3 and H2O2 following wet acid digestion method.
Adsorption/desorption trials using four acids indicted, maximum desorption of metal was occurred with HNO3 (qdes: 10 mg/g) followed by HCl (9 mg/g), CH3COOH (8 mg/g) and H2SO4 (7 mg/g).
HCl has proved to be the most corrosive among the common acids, excluding HF, while H2SO4 and HNO3 have little action on most glasses.
1 and 1M) like HNO3, HCl, EDTA, CaCl2, KCl, NaHCO3 and CH3COOH was examined to recover nickel from biosorbed bacterial cells of the selected strain at 30[degrees]C and 150 rpm.
The metallographic cut was mechanical grinded and polished, chemical etched in 3% HNO3 alcohol solution.
Then sample was oxidized using 2 mL concentrated HNO3 and heated to 2 minutes, on heating acid was evaporated and sample was ready to ignition.