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a people living traditionally in mountain villages in southern China and adjacent areas of Vietnam and Laos and Thailand


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a language of uncertain affiliation spoken by the Hmong

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(64)Claudia Michelena, 'Los Hmoob. Los asiaticos que viven actualmente en Luis Beltran no son Laosianos', Sumpall, 2011, (consulted 16 August 2014); Cristina Patriarca and Liliana Cazorla, 'Laosianos: la ultima inmigracion', Todo es Historia, 235, 1986, pp.
Part 1: Keeb Kwm Hmoob Nyob Suav Teb (History of Hmong in China) a general overview of the history of Hmong/Miao in China, including a careful retracing of migration routes; Part 2: Txoj Kev Mus Cuag Huab Tais Hmoob (The Journey to Meet the Hmong King) a recounting of Wu Bayue, the Hmong king who rebelled against the Chinese from 1795 to 1806; Part 3: Tsab Xyooj Mem Coj Hmoob Tua Suav (Zhang Xiumei Leads the Hmong to Slaughter the Chinese) a recounting of the 1855--1873 rebellion against the Qing empire led by Zhang Xiumei.
Scams to collect tens of thousands of dollars in the past few years by some Hmong individuals, such as Steve Moua and Seng Xiong of Hmoob Tebchaws (Hmong Country) who are currently under FBI investigation, will further damage the faith and support of the Hmong for any group or individual working for Hmong sovereignty in Laos (Melo 2015).
Finally, Hmong people were identified according to their residence in the modern nation-states, as Hmoob Thaib (Thai Hmong), Hmoob Los Tsuas (Lao Hmong), Hmoob Nyablaj (Vietnam Hmong), Hmong Suav (Chinese Hmong), etc.
In China, the Hmong/Miao people were politically divided into "Hmoob nyoos" (raw Hmong) and "Hmoob siav" (cooked Hmong), based on their refusal of acceptance of the integration policy of the Chinese government.
Another Twin Cities scholar, Charles Johnson, published his Dab Neeg Hmoob: Myths, Legends and Folktales from the Hmong of Laos (Johnson, 1983).
Community recommendations 1 and 5--which center on the idea of peer education and information sharing around preventive health and cancer screening--framed the development of "Healthy Hmong Women" ("Poj Niam Hmoob Kev Noj Qab Haus Huv") which the Consortium launched in 2011.
(21) The search words Hmong qeej gave 10,700 results, (22) Hmoob qeej 7,940 results (23) and qeej tu siav produced 232 results.
"The Hmong Khaene (Rab Qeej Hmoob)." m Accessed 4 November 2013.
(8) There are two major Hmong dialects commonly used in the United States: Mong Leng (lugMoob Leeg) and Hmong Der (lus Hmoob Dawb).
(vi) Sixth level: The Hmong Nation (ib haiv Hmoob).
In addition, in order to promote literacy in the Hmong American community and embrace the gradual but undeniable transition from an oral to written culture, Hmong magazines, such as Haiv Hmoob and others, made concerted efforts to circulate stories, poetry and opinion pieces to their readers.
(8) There are two major Hmong dialects commonly used in the United States: Mong Leng (lug Moob Leeg) and Hmong Der (lus Hmoob Dawb).
Hmoob txwg Vaj laus tau kuv My family sent me to marry very lub kwm maj kawm kuv far away tag and I carried a lub kawm maj tag daus deb.
(106) Later restructured as Hmoob Hlub Hmoob (literally translated to Hmong Love Hmong) or Humanity Helping Humanity (HHH), the Voices of Sorrow produced a CD entitled "The H Project: Silence No More" to raise awareness about "the suffering and genocide of Hmong people still trapped behind enemy lines in Laos." (107) Xiong, initially through her advocacy for human rights protections for the Hmong in the Lao jungle, later became a community organizer at TakeActionMinnesota, a political organization based in St.