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Several Sri Lanka Muslim Congress candidates and others also met him," Hizbullah said.
Josef Schuster, said on Monday that "a full ban of Hizbullah's organization has already happened in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom," adding that "Hizbullah is heavily financed by Iran, and poses, in its entirety, a threat to the entire world."
Iran's presence in Russia-controlled Syria has shrunk much to Tehran's frustration as Hizbullah's hold there is under Moscow's sway.
The easiest answer is that Hizbullah will respond in some light manner which should not lead to war that cannot be controlled.
Those who don't know the Kurdish Hizbullah well need to know that this organization committed brutal crimes back in the 1990s.
The Head of Hizbullah's Shura Council, Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek, commented earlier this week on the visit this week by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to Beirut saying it is "not welcome," the leftist daily AS SAFIR reported on Thursday.
In a report broadcast by Hizbullah's Al-Manar television Friday evening, the party disclosed the names, titles and functions of what it described as "the CIA's spy network in Lebanon." The report said the CIA had a team of 10 officers, including women, who were assigned to recruit Lebanese spies tasked with gathering information on Hizbullah's officials and fighters along with the addresses of their homes and the group's arsenal.
Punitive measures were also taken against an alleged Hizbullah operative in South America.
The election came as Hizbullah concluded its congress after months of work and adopted a new political document, believed to be the second of its kind since the open letter of 1985.
The concept is named after the Dahiyeh, the teeming district deep inside Hizbullah's south Beirut stronghold, much of which was flattened in round-the-clock air strikes by the Israeli Air Force in the 34-day war against Hizbullah in July and August 2006.
Jerusalem, Jan.21 (ANI): Israel has expressed its concern that the Hizbullah will launch a terror attack against an Israeli or Jewish target ahead of the first anniversary of arch-terrorist Imad Mughniyeh's assassination.
Hizbullah, a Shi'ite Lebanese guerrilla offshoot of the Iranian theocracy, is said to be training JaM forces in advanced warfare tactics.
WHEN A HIZBULLAH SQUADRON entered northern Israel in July 2006 and abducted two soldiers, killing eight others, U.S.
Hizbullah: The Story from Within provides an articulate and non-analytical insider's view of Lebanon's foremost political movement and one of the most prominent Islamic movements in the world.
Associate professor of political science Ahmad Nizar Hamzeh presents In The Path Of Hizbullah, a thorough examination of the history and present-day situation of the Islamist group known as Hizbullah, or the Party of God.