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The committee lauded the United Kingdom's efforts in taking the strategic decision, stressing that the stances of Hizbollah militias posed clear threats to international peace and security, mainly in light of Hizbollah's support to terrorist groups in many countries in the region.
"According to information obtained by France, Hizbollah is withdrawing almost half of its fighters from Syria back to Lebanon and those are estimated at a few thousand fighters," a senior French source told the daily.
GCC countries, including Bahrain, last month placed top Hizbollah leaders on their terrorism list, including chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and his deputy Naim Qassem.
There is no doubt that Hizbollah's build-up of precision weapons presents a serious threat to Israel.
On another note, the MP criticized Hizbollah's self security practices in Al-Dahiya and the way they arrest diplomats, people and journalists.
These investigations are part of steps being taken as a result of Bahrain designating Hizbollah as a terrorist organisation.
The statement has further claimed that "the Bulgarian report demonstrates irrefutable evidence that Hizbollah was responsible for the Burgas bombing."
Netanyahu said Hizbollah has built a "worldwide terrorist" network and was planning attacks in more than 20 countries.
Sayyed Nasrallah categorically refuted the accusations by some sides, in particular al-Hariri's 'Future Trend', that fighters from Hizbollah or the Iraqi 'Al-Mihdi Army' were sent to Syria, asserting that the Resistance,despite thesinister campaigns to tarnish its image, is but to remain strong, determined and never to back off.
Two years after the 2006 war began, the prisoner exchange is a new success for Hizbollah. This political-military movement, unlike other guerrilla organizations elsewhere, has never given in to pressure from the other side, either to Israel or the UN, on "proof of life" of the soldiers it holds as a result of military action, whether they were alive or not.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown yesterday said Hizbollah's military wing has been added to the list of banned terrorist organisations because of new evidence linking it to activities in Iraq and the occupied Palestinian territories.
Last week's escalation, which had sent Hizbollah and its allies into the streets of Beirut and other parts of Lebanon, had stunned the loyalists whose militias quickly retreated.
For example, several of the terrorists both had common roots in the radical Kurdish Hizbollah organization (see below) and were natives of the southeastern town of Bingo, (1) traditionally a major center of radical right-wing Islamism in Turkey.
Lebanon's prime minister, Fouad Siniora, seeking to regain the political initiative from Hizbollah, has pledged his government will give owners of destroyed property $33,000 each for post-war reconstruction.