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Iran used to provide Hizbollah with about $100m annually, and the funding reached $200m over 10 years.
Yes, if Iran is not contained in Syria and Hizbollah threat to Israel from both Lebanon and the Golan Heights is not dealt with, the next war between Israel and Hizbollah may well be inevitable (though at present, not necessarily imminent).
This also coincides with the GCC's recent announcement that member countries will consider Hizbollah a terrorist organisation and look into its activities in the Gulf region.
The statement has further claimed that "the Bulgarian report demonstrates irrefutable evidence that Hizbollah was responsible for the Burgas bombing.
Netanyahu said Hizbollah has built a "worldwide terrorist" network and was planning attacks in more than 20 countries.
Sayyed Nasrallah categorically refuted the accusations by some sides, in particular al-Hariri's 'Future Trend', that fighters from Hizbollah or the Iraqi 'Al-Mihdi Army' were sent to Syria, asserting that the Resistance,despite thesinister campaigns to tarnish its image, is but to remain strong, determined and never to back off.
Two years after the 2006 war began, the prisoner exchange is a new success for Hizbollah.
For example, several of the terrorists both had common roots in the radical Kurdish Hizbollah organization (see below) and were natives of the southeastern town of Bingo, (1) traditionally a major center of radical right-wing Islamism in Turkey.
During an hour of talks with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Annan had pressed for a lifting of the blockade, imposed after the start of the war against Lebanon's Hizbollah guerrilla group on July 12, mainly on economic grounds.
HIZBOLLAH was hailed by its jubilant allies Iran and Syria yesterday for "victory" over Israel.
Israel's military chiefs evidently believed heavy shelling and bombing of Hizbollah bases near the border in Southern Lebanon would keep the guerrillas firmly on the back foot.
But Iran has since stepped into the vacuum in Lebanon, where it has been able to increase its influence, partly through its ties to the local Shi'ite group Hizbollah.
Mr Blair confirmed that roadside bombs used to kill British troops in the Basra region of southern Iraq were of a type known to be used by Iran and the Tehran-backed Hizbollah.
There are indications of closer links now developing between Syria and each of the Sadrist movement and Hizbollah, with Iran said to be playing a role in the background as well.