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German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945)

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I usually take little interest in American pop culture but was unable to resist when a news item mentioned the uproar actor Will Smith caused when speaking about Adolf Hitler. The Daily Record, a Scottish newspaper, quoted Mr.
It seems the fascination of today's inhabitants of the earth with the epitome of evil in the form of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party is undiminished.
Swett's most challenging argument is that the often violent attempts of ordinary Berliners to defend or re-assert both real and symbolic control over their own neighborhoods during the Depression, helped to pave the way for Hitler's triumph in 1933.
According to The New York Times story the next day, for those who "chose to put two and two together," the cause of Hitler's disappearance seemed obvious: Two of the American athletes were black.
Researchers uncovered one joke which said: "Hitler drives with his chauffeur.
In a tweet on Friday, he said Hitler is a textbook hero in Modi's Gujarat.
Given the large number of books published on the Nazi film industry in general and on Adolf Hitler in particular, I was skeptical initially that Bill Niven's book, Hitler and Film, would offer anything more than a rehash of information available elsewhere, even if scattered.
We are rushing along at a speed of 142 miles per hour from Berlin to Frankfurt-on-Main, where Hitler is to begin his lightning election campaign.
Countless documentaries, newspaper articles, and internet pages written by conspiracy theorists have led the ongoing debate surrounding Hitler's last days.
The historic memo was sent just days before Hitler's death to one of his favourite commanders, Ferdinand Schorner, who had urged him to flee the besieged capital of the German Third Reich.
A letter written by Adolf Hitler just days before he committed suicide in a Berlin bunker is going on sale from April 30-May 1 and is expected to net at least $60,000 to $80,000.
A telegraph dubbed 'Adolf Hitler's suicide note' in which the Nazi leader refused to flee Berlin in order to be seen as a valiant leader just days before taking his own life is up for auction.
If Hitler was a fanatic 'Jew hater', PM Modi of India has no love lost for Muslims - at least his actions prove that - Muslims were persecuted and killed in Gujarat while he was the Chief Minister of the State and now they are being brutally murdered in Kashmir while he is the PM of India.
A SIGNED copy of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf is expected to fetch at least PS30,000 at auction.