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a member of the Muskhogean people formerly living in Georgia

the Muskhogean language spoken by the Hitchiti

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"Once again," Daniels noted, "we don't know the meaning of this Swift Creek design but we can deduce that the Hitchiti felt these symbols were closely associated or identical in meaning otherwise why include them together within the same design?" The fact that two cultures, the Maya and the Hitchiti, both viewed these same two geometric symbols as closely related is strong evidence that these two cultures were related.
(67.) Grantham, "Hitchiti: Hitchiti Origin (HI)," in Grantham, Creation Myths, 135.
Tis Mal Crow, a man of Cherokee and Hitchiti descent, said the industry does not have sufficient respect for the plants used in the commercial process.
America) makes ACOL (a bidding system in bridge), HITCHITI (tribe of American Indians) makes CHIT, and INNSIGNS appositely makes GINS!
Likewise, among the Hitchiti there is "A Rip Van Winkle Story," among the Alabama there is the "Story of the Mule's Return" and among the Koasati there are the "Locust and Ant" and "The Dog and Heron"; likewise, among the Natchez, there are "The Fox and the Crawfish," "The Twelve Irishmen," "The Two Irishmen," and "Jack and the Beanstalk." The presence of these stories clearly reflects narrative assimilation from outside sources.