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a body of historical literature

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the writing of history

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Taking into account both the critical and apologetic mode of writing history, Philip II appointed two kinds of historiographers during his reign (1556-1598).
34) Historiographers have long since abandoned a 'providential' view of history, which enjoyed much currency in Shakespeare's time--think of Sir Walter Ralegh and his History of the World, written while imprisoned in the Tower.
1513), and Edward Hall's The Union of the Two Noble and Illustre Famelies of Lancastre & Yorke (1548 and 1550), historiographers committed to dynastic politics that afforded women of royal blood important political agency envision key female subjects as model agents and readers of history who inform the authors' own analyses of national events.
According to Vogel, skeptics have often overestimated the frequency of documentation and the intentions of Chinese historiographers.
In the early years of the 20th century, a group of women literary historiographers, including Ricarda Huch, Helene Stocker and Gertrud Baumer, all of whom were sympathetic to Schlegel-Schelling's struggle for self-realization in a man's world, attempted an Ehrenrettung by popularizing her personal correspondence (35).
Starting from the premise that, while citizenship is embedded in membership of a political entity that is not necessarily the nation or state, Wiles recruits political and social philosophers alongside theatre and cultural historiographers to develop his account.
He is to be commended for his scholarly "double listening" (credit to John Stott): first, to South African missiologist/theologian David Bosch through some eighty-six articles, essays, letters, and books; and second, both to historiographers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOTC) and to contemporary writers on the emerging Ethiopian evangelical movement.
Dagbovie ultimately does quite well in his ability to indulge the reader by answering more than the majority of the many rhetorical questions posed throughout the text, I think the significance of the sheer number of conceptual questions identified in the study was not in their traditional explicit answering, but instead in their position as queries to be reconsidered by present and future young Black historiographers.
Parkes' writing is clear, though the book is intended to be of the most interest to educators and historiographers.
David Attwell, one of South Africa's most respected literary historiographers, established himself as an authority on J.
Anxiety over this ambiguous inheritance, she contends, compels early modern antiquarians, heraldic experts, and historiographers not only to cast aspersions on the veracity of medieval narratives but also to generate new tales that replaced the eroticized and feminized story of Edward's garter with a sober military narrative championing masculine reason and common sense.
An analysis of the word's definition and use by various contemporary commentators and later historiographers is the way the author introduces his readers to a fascinating range of quotations that explore the way views on Englishmen, strangers, and foreigners (in the language of the period, strangers were people from another country, foreigners those from another city, town, or village) were recorded.
In the effort to master the religious and political conflicts of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, the French monarchy began to patronize the humanist philologists, editors, and historiographers who were developing a new secular language of political theory and new techniques of government.
Consequently, she says, historiographers of our own day--she mentions in particular Chantal Grell, Mouza Raskolnikoff, and Blandine Barrett-Kriegel (p.
Perhaps the chaplain himself was uncomfortable with the whole thing; though some historiographers have guessed at his identity, he remained, by his own choice, anonymous.