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a body of historical literature

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the writing of history

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Gaimar's use of estoire in self-reference is closely echoed by that of other vernacular historiographers, who also consistently refer to their own work as estoire.
4) Yuan was known not only as an extraordinarily gifted man of letters but more importantly as a historiographer specializing in the Eastern Han [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] dynasty (25-220), otherwise known as the Later Han [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
On the first question Schaberg concludes that "in narrating the decline of the Zhou political order, the ending of the Spring and Autumn period, and the death of their philosophical ancestor [Confucius], the historiographers of the Zuozhuan and Guoyu made a place for their own vocation.
Swiss cultural historian Burckhardt (1818-97) is well studied and widely known among historians and historiographers, says Sigurdson (political studies, U.
According to Lemche, early Iron Age Palestinian society had very little or nothing to do with the image of ancient Israel created by the biblical historiographers.
Writers such as Price had attempted to demystify Merlin and Taliesin and turn them into historiographers, but Drayton seems unable to capitalize on this project.
Venetian historiographers and mythmakers used the supposed apostolic origins of the Venetian church to claim a rough parity with the church of Rome.
Louis XTVs historiographers felt obliged to call him 'the greatest monarch of the universe'.
Even so, whatever credibility he may have lost in the eyes of historiographers of science should be regained in his stature as philosopher of science.
I suggest that while nationalist historiographers make use of allusions as part of their efforts to create an authoritative, monologic English history and sense of stable, honourable national origins, the allusions themselves may disable this nationalist function by suggesting a multiplicity of origins, a panoply of literary, cultural, and experiential standpoints that do not align neatly.
Music historiographers referred the term "the Bohemians" in Burney's publication solely to the Czech-speaking musicians and institutions, not those belonging to the music culture of Czech Germans.
1513), and Edward Hall's The Union of the Two Noble and Illustre Famelies of Lancastre & Yorke (1548 and 1550), historiographers committed to dynastic politics that afforded women of royal blood important political agency envision key female subjects as model agents and readers of history who inform the authors' own analyses of national events.
Tacitus was a model historian for all the Roman historiographers, including Ammianus Marcellinus.
Bplab was never seen to be anarchist or seditious troublemaking by the Indians or their nationalist historiographers.
No matter how steeped in savagery they may have been, they were given dignity and humanity by European historiographers.