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Synonyms for history

the past


Synonyms for history

a chronological record of past events

past events surrounding a person or thing

Synonyms for history

the discipline that records and interprets past events involving human beings

the continuum of events occurring in succession leading from the past to the present and even into the future

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all that is remembered of the past as preserved in writing

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But more troubling is the book's essentially Jungian argument about the mechanism of historical change.
Nonetheless their writers share a common interest in the contingencies, contexts and processes that make for historical change and conflict.
This day represents a historical change in the Iraqi oil industry, represented by the best utilisation of the (associated) gas to meet the increasing needs for gas in Iraq,' Luaibi said at the ceremony.
The stories told in the interviews contained in this 200-page book show the human dimension of a large historical change.
DIYARBAKIR, July 05, 2011 (TUR) -- Peace & Democracy Party (BDP) group chairman Selahattin Demirtas has said that if a radical and historical change was not made in the stance towards them, BDP would not participate in the politics in capital Ankara.
He presents stories of discovery in many forms--from exploration to science, medicine, geology, anatomy and mathematics--and taking an individual approach to the study of historical change, he examines scientific pioneers such as Galileo, Newton, Columbus, Darwin, Gutenberg, Brahe, and Freud, who broke with the past.
As such, Free Expression and Democracy in America is a significant contribution to our understanding of the relationship between law and larger historical change and will interest readers wishing to comprehend more fully the halting, uneven dance we perform in a nation that seeks to dedicate itself both to individual liberty and a common good.
A significant and historical change has been brought about by the untiring effort of Azath Salley, when he met the head of Muttawiff Shiek Adnaan.
But there is also opportunity lost for more careful probing of obesity in culture in key time periods and for any clear sense, beyond purely individual facets, of historical change and continuity.
Veeam Free Edition can be upgraded to the full version of Report by installing a new licence file, with a full version also offering full capacity planning, historical change management beyond the most recent 24 hours, Microsoft Visio reports for multipathing, network, vMotion and data store utilisation, full access to archived data, dashboard capabilities and automatic report distribution.
These projects range from how children build a sense of time and chronology to perspectives of historical change.
The broad sweep of history and the cause and effect of historical change has been lost," he said.
Endless Things wraps up the many side effects of one such transformation that unfolded in the previous novels, yet Pierce's theory of cyclical historical change is ultimately a source of hope--since if the universe itself is capable of endless change, so too are the downtrodden individuals living within it.
Since then, the traditional culture has been very adroit at responding to the vagaries of historical change.
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