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Synonyms for euthanasia

mercy killing

Synonyms for euthanasia

the act of killing someone painlessly (especially someone suffering from an incurable illness)

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Most obviously, if treated as authoritative, historical practice would explain judges' and Justices' consistent attention to nonoriginalist historical considerations even when those considerations point to results that diverge from the Constitution's original meaning.
The IAF's alibi stems from physiological, psychological, cultural, financial and historical considerations and most importantly, the tricky question of pregnancy.
The last three chapters, geared toward students and professionals, cover theoretical and historical considerations, formal treatment (especially Steven Hayes' acceptance and commitment therapy [ACT]), and measuring subtle suicide.
Often he fails to appreciate historical considerations that sparked those later traditions, reverting instead to proof-texting from the pre-Nicene Fathers to demonstrate his claims.
The services identified several reasons why buildings and facilities might be classified as underutilized or not utilized but still remain unavailable for other uses, including historical considerations.
Apart from the historical considerations, what is most disappointing is the author's dealing with the central issues of the yoga and tantra systems of the Indian religion: his differentiating meditation from yoga is unsound and his failure in understanding the interrelationship of yoga and tantra is also only too obvious to point out.
Because of historical considerations, the facility has minimal acoustical ceiling tiles.
The analysis in chapter 3 makes even more of an impact with its timely historical considerations of vocal techniques in Brazilian popular music history.
The first chapter deals with the organization of the research report, the scholarly traditions in ethnic media research, and theoretical and historical considerations of the subject.
In Chapter 7, "Packaging Ethics," Engell and Dangerfield observe that general ethical considerations, once based on spiritual, moral, philosophical, and historical considerations, have been replaced by the situational ethics found in professional standards.
The next two chapters offer a series of theoretical and historical considerations relating to governance, law, and the colonial process.
After a brief overview of Latin American film that focuses on historical considerations and the factors that have led to recent major international successes, Hart provides analyses of twenty-five films, each occupying 7-10 pages.
This suggests the importance of cultural historical considerations in curriculum development.
6--Ethical, Historical Considerations in Supervison
His presidential address to the American Society of Missiology in June 1984, "The Scriptures in the Christian World Mission: Three Historical Considerations," was published in Missiology, October 1984.
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