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the branch of biology that studies the microscopic structure of animal or plant tissues

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In this study, a previously reported semi-quantitative scoring system (16) was adapted to score the testis and used by two histologists for double blind evaluation of immunostained testicular sections.
Until today, a series of the most respectable histological textbooks were published in Springer by professor Radivoj Krstic, histologist from Novi Sad and Lausanne, translated into German, English, Frensh, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish language.
The Board would be given authority to further define the education and training requirements for licensure, provided such standards are "no less stringent than those adopted by the American Society for Clinical Pathology." A number of categories would be exempted from licensing requirements, including pathologists, cytotechnologists, and histologists; lab professionals employed by the U.S.
The general structural integrity, meninges, structural integrity and hematoma of the white and grey matter, dura mater bleeding, inflammatory cells, increased vascularization, necrotic areas, and apoptosis were evaluated by 2 independent blinded histologists and graded (0, normal; 1, minimal lesion; 2, moderate lesion; 3, severe lesion; 4, very severe lesion).
Histologists also subdivide the stomach, but into only three regions.
As histologists and cytologists we frequently receive requests lacking critical, and at times, any, clinical information.
Two experienced histologists, masked about the origin of the specimens, performed all the morphological and morphometric evaluations.
Immunohistochemical e-NOS staining intensity in the kidney and liver sections from all groups was evaluated semiquantitativelyby two independent histologists (blinded).
The calculations were made by two independent histologists in a double-blinded design.
Renal histomorphometric analyses were made by two "blinded" renal histologists. Tubular area was assessed by quantification of tubular spaces, and results are expressed as pixels.
To control for variation in scoring between our two histologists (ACAJ and ERP), 20% of the stained slides were independently scored by both observers.
Even during my first week, students could Google the net and find answers to questions and problems that experienced Histologists would have found difficult.
Two histologists who had no knowledge of the groups examined all the immunostained sections.
However, those laboratories in which 1 or more histologists reportedly performed gross specimen examination showed a trend toward less productivity (6163 blocks per FTE per year) than that of laboratories in which this examination was not performed (6324 blocks per FTE per year).
They provide molecular biologists with the basic histology techniques, and histologists with the molecular techniques.