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an island in the West Indies

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Her globalized perspective is insightful as it offers the reader a fresh way of looking at events in Hispaniola within the context of global competition for interests in the Caribbean.
Erechthis gundlachi is known originally from Cuba (Bolivar 1888) and more recently the Dominican Republic of Hispaniola (Perez-Gelabert 2014).
Microsatellite loci evaluation indicated genetic similarity among isolates from the five patients as well as with previous malaria cases from Hispaniola.
1655: Forces of the English Protectorate, thwarted in their main aim in the Caribbean of capturing Hispaniola, instead began a successful invasion of the lightly-defended Spanish possession of Jamaica.
On 8th May, Dominican Republic and Haiti confirmed for collaboarting in training on the several areas to grow Hispaniola s tourism, as part of their ongoing high level talks.
Luxembourg-based Altice said Nov 3 its subsidiary Altice Caribbean has agreed to acquire Tricom and Global Interlink (together 'Tricom'), a triple-play and mobile operator in the DR, from its current owner Hispaniola Telecom, a company controlled by Amzak Capital Management and Inversiones Bahia since 2010.
What began as the discovery of paradise in 1492 had, three years later, given way on the island of Hispaniola to a series of armed forts, the export of gold and the subjugation of native peoples.
In his 2008 video installation Linea fronteriza (Borderline), Dominican artist David Perez envisions two versions of Hispaniola (see Figure 1).
In which famous adventure novel does the ship Hispaniola appear?
Hispaniola Cigars is proud to announce that in January 2013, the spiritual experience of the Tainos will be resurrected by Turei Cigars.
The Regional Coalition for Water and Sanitation to Eliminate Cholera in the Islands of Hispaniola issued the call this summer.
The storm's top sustained winds dropped to 40 miles per hour overnight, but the Miami-based hurricane center said re-strengthening was forecast over the next 48 hours and Isaac could become a hurricane on Friday before it reaches Hispaniola.
The western third of the island is occupied by the nation of Haiti, making Hispaniola one of two Caribbean islands that are shared by two countries.
This experience raised concern that a dramatic increase in US cholera cases could result from the Hispaniola epidemic.
Twenty-two patients reported travel to Hispaniola and one reported consumption of seafood from Haiti.