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an American whose first language is Spanish

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That's where financial advisors come in to help the underserved Hispanic American community, Castineiras said.
are joining forces to launch Univision Mobile, a pioneering wireless service created specifically for Hispanic Americans.
The study recommends educational programs for the Hispanic American community emphasizing alternative retirement savings options, such as lifetime annuities, which can help build retirement savings and guarantee secure future incomes.
Hispanic Americans may be more likely to reside in agrarian settings with increased exposure to soil and opportunities for contamination of cuts and other injuries.
Last year, General Motors announced the formation of a diversity marketing and sales organization to focus on the women's market and the growing African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American markets.
In his June announcement, Paige said, "These grants will help address the needs of colleges and universities that create high-quality education and training opportunities for Hispanic American students--many of whom are the first in their families to seek a college education.
Orinoco Marketing President Vesna Besarabic says telemarketing to the Hispanic American market can be highly lucrative.
We feel that our relationship with the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals will allow us to combine our unmatched technical expertise with the most committed experts who understand the needs of the Hispanic American market," Giaimo said.
Two new files - Hispanic American Periodicals Index and Isis History of Science Bibliography - have been added to CitaDel, the article-citation and document-delivery service from the Research Libraries Group (RLG).
These firms are responsible for 65% of the total receipts and 62% of all jobs created by Hispanic American firms.
Modern Masters: Hispanic American Artisans'' profiles seven men and women whose one-of-a-kind projects reflect their heritage.
To be sure, not every Hispanic American speaks Spanish, understands Mexican culture, and plugs into an extensive south-of-the-border business network.
8 million Hispanic American Internet users in 2007, and that number will grow to nearly 25 million in 2011.
Every year at this time, we recognize the rich cultural traditions of the Hispanic American community -- and the great contributions of Hispanic Americans to our country and our character.
During this 18-month study, researchers spoke with and listened to over 1,600 parents, teachers, and experts about the needs of Hispanic American students.
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