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a title used to address any British peer except a duke and extended to a bishop or a judge

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The delegates also shared their experiences and briefed his lordship about the strategies being implemented in their countries to fight corruption.
Speaking of his ambassadorial duties, his lordship said that he could testify that there was a good understanding between France and England, and that there was in France a great faith in all that England was doing to bring the war to a successful conclusion.
Here it is: The Lord Mayor had a coachman and the coachman's name was John, Said his lordship to the coachman, take your wages and begone.
Recounting the days of movement his lordship said that legal fraternity struggled hard for the achievement of their cause which reinforced the path for the restoration of
THE Earl of Grantham has many good qualities, including generosity and devotion to his family; but it seems even His Lordship may not be completely immune to temptations of the flesh.
Secondly, his lordship, a 12 or 14-year-old boy sitting in his room on the first floor of his home, not going down by using a few steps to collect a drink and is using his mobile to call the maid and then the mother is a waste of human life.
Visitors will be met in the luxurious grandeur of Croxteth Hall by His Lordship and, after a brief look at his rooms and the kitchen quarters, guests will be escorted to his Lordship's exquisite Walled Kitchen Garden.
Facing absolute defeat at the hands of nearly 150 Labour rebels, or, worse, relying on David Cameron's Tories for a majority, McFadden, merely the butler in this, and his lordship Peter Mandelson seem determined to privatise the Royal Mail.
HAVING read your obituary and Keith Hellawell's tribute to Lord Savile "Gentleman and gentle soul" (Examiner June 10) I am grateful for the kind sentiments expressed about a remarkable man, His Lordship Lord Savile.
His Lordship, as you may well have forgotten, was Archbishop of Canterbury for a full five years after New Labour took power and threw open the doors to uncontrolled mass immigration.
Naturally, I phoned the House of Lords to give the human Lord Adonis the news, in case he'd missed it, that his equine namesake was about to make his debut, only to be advised that his Lordship was "probably in the chamber" and therefore unable to rush to his local bookmaker - although the nice man I spoke to, as soon as he realised its immense importance, did promise to pass on the message just as soon as he could.
The central theme for Families of the King is that the king's performance of his lordship obligations was recorded and transformed by annalists into literary representations of a political ethos offering insights and an understanding of the Anglo-Saxon aristocratic culture and the impact upon that culture by the Normans who conquered them.
Well, let's just hope his lordship has his fat wallet with him next time he runs into a boozed-up junkie, brandishing a knife, on his way home from the Appeals Court.
Justice Cohen, pronounced January 20th, 1998, was dismissed by his Lordship on July 9th, 1999.