Hirundo pyrrhonota

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North American swallow that lives in colonies and builds bottle-shaped mud nests on cliffs and walls

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In North America, cliff swallow (Hirundo pyrrhonota) nests are frequently infected with the cimicid ectoparasite Oeciacus vicarius (American swallow bug).
Nest site selection and cost of nest building by Cliff Swallows (Hirundo pyrrhonota).
-- When collected, the specimen from Rita Blanco Creek was in the process of consuming a cliff swallow (Hirundo pyrrhonota).
Red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) predation on cliff swallow (Hirundo pyrrhonota) nestlings in east-central Texas.
Sikes and Arnold (1986) monitored cliff swallows (Hirundo pyrrhonota) in east-central Texas and found nest success was 41% with RIFAs present, compared with 75% success when RIFAs were controlled in nesting areas the following year.