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Danish pediatrician (1830-1916)

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Key words: Hirschsprung's disease (HD), hypoganglionosis, hyperganglionosis (IND type B) and immaturity of ganglion cells (IGC).
Molecular analysis of the ret and GDNF genes in a family with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2A and Hirschsprung disease.
Ryan, who also suffered from Attention Deficit and Hyper Activity Disorder (ADHD), was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease at birth and his parents were originally told he wouldn't live past a few days.
[7] Human genes: MEN1, multiple endocrine neoplasia 1; RET, ret protooncogene (multiple endocrine neoplasia and medullary thyroid carcinoma 1, Hirschsprung disease).
Testicular torsion, incarcerated hernia, intussusception, Hirschsprung disease, appendici volvulus, bowel perforation.
Based on their evaluations, Caitlin was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease of the lower colon.
He was diagnosed with Hirschsprung Disease by doctors who said he had a blockage in his large intestine which had caused an infection.
Children were excluded from the study if they: (a) refused to use the toilet for stooling, but were not constipated; (b) had Hirschsprung's disease or chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction; or (c) had previous surgery of the anus or colon.
During a three-day inquest at Bootle Town Hall, the jury heard how Miss Murray, a trainee hotel manager, had suffered from a rare bowel disorder known as Hirschsprung disease since early childhood.
YOUR CHILD has been born with Hirschsprung's disease which probably was completely unexpected.
In Hirschsprung's disease, aganglionic bowel has been suggested as the cause of obstruction.
Multiple misdiagnoses, such as Bartter syndrome, Hirschsprung disease (HD), and small intestinal obstruction (IO), were reported (1,5,6).