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1960s: The camper van is adopted by the hippie generation, becoming a cult symbol of an alternative lifestyle.
While the lingo of the hippie generation isn't about to make a comeback (we hope), there's no denying that some sort of retro movement indeed is afoot.
It is part of the festival's uniqueness that the organisers offer generous support to survivors of the hippie generation, organisations which battle for the oppressed, and leading pressure groups.
It isn't as exciting as the dot-com days, where superconfident MBAs and brilliant college dropouts in faded jeans and T-shirts pulled down seven-figure paychecks, refused to acknowledge their mistakes and were encouraged to think not only outside the box but, as the hippie generation used to say, "way out"
Much as he led the hippie generation into chemical mind expansion and then spiritual realization, Ram Dass now feels it's necessary to guide the graying demographic to an understanding of its looming mortality.
In his new novel, The Power Of One author Bryce Courtenay looks at Australia's Vietnam War legacy, where young men went to war as heroes but returned virtual war criminals in the eyes of the '60s hippie generation.
Jack Kerouac's On The Road, first published in 1957 (when the author was 35), became essential reading for the hippie generation but by the time of Big Sur, issued in 1963, Kerouac was discovering that the freedom embodied by the open road perhaps wasn't enough.
It looks, sounds, and feels like the flower power, hippie generation, post-British invasion rock music that it is.
Our generation has been dissed for most of our adult lives as being of the hippie generation, but finally we are given credit for being our country's tax base for more than 50 years.
While she's talking about the past prints of the Peacock Revolution, Studio City designer Elisabeth Fry of Crazie Daisie has focused on the hippie generation that reveled in handcrafted looks with a new collection of '70s-inspired rugs.
when the far-left, the hippie generation, the youth and the Internet generation have their fling," Chancellor Schuessel said yesterday.
VARIOUS Return of the Grievous Angel: A Tribute To Gram Parsons (Almo): Parsons was one of the most important figures in country music's history, responsible for liberating it from the enclaves of hick right-wing Merle Haggard society and bringing it all back home for a hippie generation desperately seeking out both its roots and a spiritual authenticity amidst the rampant consumerism of 'straight' America.