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trousers with legs that flare

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He had treated three women who were suffering from the irritating condition after wearing hip-huggers for between six and eight months.
Intricately detailed with a scalloped neckline, waistline and sleeves, the hip-hugger, full-leg pants were covered with a sheer illusion tulle train overlay.
I also found long hip-hugger jeans at Abercrombie and Gap.
Three-piece ensemble by Chanel with lace midriff top, hip-hugger shorts and waist-length quilted jacket with roll-back collar.
Hurl away the hip-huggers and try the retro high-waist fit that is stylish and surprisingly flattering.
In the 1960s to early 1970s, hip-huggers and bell bottoms became an anti-establishment statement.
It reminded me of the look my daughter shot me when I emerged from the changing room in Top Shop last week in a similar pair of flesh-coloured hip-huggers.
The singer shot the video in a bikini top and gold hip-huggers that exposed her well-toned backside.
The problem with low-waist jeans, also known as hipsters or hip-huggers, is that the average woman does not have a paper-thin stomach.
Attend the Saturday, May 22nd interleague game with the Blue Jays to pick one up in your bellbottoms or hip-huggers.
stops along the way for boot-cut jeans and even hip-huggers. Needless to say, spacesuits have gone in their own direction, fashionwise.
Who would want to, especially these days with the hip-huggers for girls and the pants falling-down for boys?
Your slacks are hip-huggers or fitted, your skirts are flirty and your tops are cut a bit low.
`Sitting this one out' isn't an option and when Julio, a swarthy type dressed in a tight-fitting black T-shirt and matching hip-huggers, with a radio microphone strapped to his head, sashayed out into the middle of the sprung dance floor and, with an irresistible Latin beat pounding out over the PA system, I, ahem, got rhythm.
Swimming against the tide of hip-huggers and trendy looks that dominate Hollywood, Brooks Brothers--the staunchly conservative clothing--label unveiled a sprawling 18,000-square-foot store last month on Rodeo Drive.