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Synonyms for hinterland

the wilds


Synonyms for hinterland

a remote and undeveloped area

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They are provided an option and that enables them to decide to go down from the hinterlands and return to their normal lives with their families,' Patria explained.
Alejandre sees a possible influx of tourists in the city especially in the hinterland the resorts.
We have reconstructed some railways for the standard gauge to further open up the nation's hinterlands.
Historically, the site of Hinterlands had been the location of a dyewood works from at least the 1840s, as well as a school known as Holy Trinity.
Shi Qing's "Hinterland Project" was not a solo exhibition in the strictest sense: Some twenty participants were involved in the undertaking (2015-), which assumed a shape akin to activism or fieldwork.
Some specific subjects explored include commodity chains of sugar and tin, hinterlands and merchant networks, linking hinterlands with colonial port towns, and maritime Asian trade and the colonization of Penang, 1786-1830.
Aklan -- At least two died and seven others were wounded when a lone gunman indiscriminately fired at people at a carnival in the hinterland town of Libacao, Aklan last Monday night.
The City-State in Europe, 1000-1600: Hinterland, Territory, Region.
At the time both needed each other and today, Cardiff owes its hinterland a debt.
Classic Maya provincial politics; Xunantunich and its hinterlands.
The mansion is to be abandoned for life in the hinterlands. The world is suddenly bleak but rules of good behavior must still be followed.
Such talent is always rare in both parties and tends to come out of the political hinterlands, often as part of a winning presidential campaign team.
"For Mary Lincoln, viewed by capital insiders as a parvenu outsider from the hinterlands out west, securing Madame Keckly's services was the social equivalent of joining the right club," Fleischner writes.
William Harris published Plain Folk and Gentry in a Slave Society: White Liberty and Black Slavery in Augusta's Hinterlands. (1) With great skill and insight, Harris untangled the complex webs of antebellum Southern community life to explain why nonslaveholding whites followed slaveholders into a war to protect slavery.