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Synonyms for hinge

a circumstance upon which subsequent events depend

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attach with a hinge

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It combines Eurocopter's leading-edge developments in cockpit design and avionics, while also incorporating a hingeless rotor system and enhanced rotor blades that reduce sound and vibration levels.
The new editions have been described as 'retro futuristic', whilst stilt emulating the rimless, hingeless and light design which the Titan Minimal Art collection has become known for.
Patented packages developed by Berry-Tubed Products include the Design-R[R] tube series, featuring eye-catching bands of color between the sleeve and cap, the hingeless dispensing tube--"twist to open/twist to close"--Center Dispens-R[R] tubes, and its new partner, the Deckless Dispens-R[R].
The hingeless door requires very little maintenance, and individual slats can be replaced if they are damaged.
During this process, the two helicopters' existing two-bladed, semi-rigid, teetering rotor system will be replaced with an advanced, four-bladed, hingeless, bearingless rotor system.