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northern region of India where Hinduism predominates

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Address : Hindustan Newsprint Limited,Newsprint Nagar P.
New Delhi [India], July 12 ( ANI ): Oil marketing companies such as Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) on Wednesday gained around three percent intraday amid investors celebrating over the buzz of a merger likely to happen in the days to come.
For a considerably long time, Hindustan has remained under the rule of 'foreign invaders' because local rulers were not only brutal but also staunch believers in a 'cast system' that gave authority to people in upper casts and negated the rights of the lower casts.
India-based Hindustan Power has announced plans to sell bonds to Yes Bank (YESBANK.
Japan-based Isuzu Motors is likely to continue with the contract manufacturing agreement with Hindustan Motors, despite the upcoming opening of its plant at SriCity in Chitoor, Andhra Pradesh.
Hindustan Polymer has been continually achieving success by delivery quality PTFE products to the worldwide market.
Hemant Bakshi, executive director, home and personal care, Hindustan Unilever, said, "We are finding that content and advertising are merging more and more.
Announcing the new variant for India, Uttam Bose, Managing Director of Hindustan Motors said: "Mitsubishi brands, especially Pajero, evoke a sentimental response from Indian citizens.
28 -- Hindustan University has joined IEEE Computer Society as a Registered Education Provider, and will offer IEEE Computer Society software development preparation and training products to raise student proficiency.
On Monday, Indian National Football Club defeated Solutrean- Bonjour Hindustan FC 2- 1 at the Ambedkar Stadium to finish their maiden season in the top division on a high.
5% in Hindustan Zinc Ltd (BOM:500188) as well as its 49% in Bharat Aluminium Co Ltd (BALCO).
94bn for the state's stake in Hindustan Zinc plus an additional USD338m for its BALCO shares, but received no response to the offer and to two subsequent letters.
Through value engineering and cost-efficient manufacturing, HM is able to offer Ambassador Encore at this amazingly low price without any compromise on quality," said Uttam Bose, Managing Director & CEO, Hindustan Motors Ltd, in a press release.
At Sezincote, a stately home built in the style of the Mogul Empire, the driveway was graced by the rare sight in Britain of a Hindustan Ambassador, based on the Morris Oxford of the 1950s, which has soldiered on through decades to become a true automotive legend.
Summary: Mumbai: Indian stocks gained for a second day, led by Hindustan Unilever Ltd.