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Synonyms for Hindu

a native or inhabitant of Hindustan or India

of or relating to or supporting Hinduism


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It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities outside Asia.
Sadiq said he was delighted to extend his warmest greetings to Hindu Parliamentarians and everyone in the Hindu Community on this eve of colours and lights.
The speaker shed light on the contributions for the country's progress made by thePakistani Hindu Community.
Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, the ideological guru of the idea of Hindu rashtra, said adopt the Hindu way of life and be saved.
This way Dhulipala is intellectually enshrining an inclination that has begun to take shape within some influential sectors of India's historical scholarship which sees Pakistan's so-called theological nature as the reason (and justification) behind the upsurge of Hindu nationalism in India.
NAWABSHAH -- Pooj Hindu Panchait Nawabshah, Qazi Ahmed along with PPP leader Chandu mal and many others took a protest in contrast to killing of two Three Hindus at Mithi.
NAWABSHAH -- The members of the Hindu Panchait led by Dr Rajkumar, Dr Daulat Ram, Vishan Das and others recorded a protest demonstration against the murder of two Hindu traders on Sunday.
Hindu American Foundation, which yields influence in may spheres of American life having established continuing discourse with the Congress and White House, featured the 'Asian Tribune' report announcing the declaration of Hindu 'Thai Pongal Day,' a state-wide official festival in the State of Virginia.
The growing Hindu Nationalism, unrest and right wing politics in India have greatly faded its so-called secular identity and are continuously unveiling the largest democracy in the world.
New Delhi: A right-wing Hindu revivalist organisation has warned Christian missionary schools in northern India that they celebrate Christmas at "their own risk", as it claimed Hindu children were being "lured" to Christianity.
Vaidya said on Tuesday that one did not have to leave his or her religion to become a Hindu.
The protesters accused a Hindu man in the village of hurting Muslim sentiment by putting the controversial post on the social media site, according to Zinnat Ali, officer-in-charge of Gangachara police station.
LAHORE -- Evacuee Trust Property Board Chairman Mohammad Siddiqul Farooq has said that all minorities including Hindu community are enjoying complete religious freedom in the country.
India, May 22 -- Hindu Rashtra is the goal of Hindu nationalist politics, which is also called as Hindutva.
THE ultra- right Hindutva outfit and Sanghaffiliate Vishwa Hindu Parishad ( VHP) believes the Alwar killing, where a mob lynched a Muslim man over suspicions of him being a cow smuggler, was an expression of the popular and spontaneous anger of the Hindus and that it had nothing to do with any Hindutva outfit.