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After President von Hindenberg appointed Hitler to be Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933, Hitler formed a cabinet which mostly consisted of members of nationalist conservative parties.
After all, if the gas responsible for rotten-egg odors were to run rampant in some patients and escape, the environmental side effects might again evoke that Hindenberg hydrogen-type disaster cry, "Oh, the humanity
There will be free newsreel screenings at the Tyneside in the mornings, beginning with the famous footage of the Hindenberg disaster when the explosion of the airship spelled the end of this particular mode of transport.
IT is 70 years since the airship Hindenberg crashed.
The fastest way back to the US is the ill-fated Hindenberg, which he boards with the safe, pursued by Nazis.
Set in 1937 aboard the German Hindenberg, a madman throws a safe overboard to prevent discovery, then inadvertently sets a fire which destroys its secret.
Finally, Hitler persuaded President Von Hindenberg to suspend all such rights, and they were never restored.
A rigid airship (or "dirigible") has an internal framework as exemplified by the German airships Graf Zeppelin and Hindenberg.
Bits of history are captured in this exhibition of memorable photographs from The New York Times Photo Archives -- from the Wright Brothers first flight to the Hindenberg exploding to rounding up wild horses in California in 1930.
Handy Andy the jungle warden got his hands down for a full house before the other half of the Hindenberg twins, former Atomic Pussy Kerry McFadden, joined her at the hip to match their 34FF chests.
Discussing safety, Lovins effectively debunks the notion, probably originating in the Hindenberg disaster of 1937, that hydrogen is too dangerous lot common use as a fuel.
The Top 20: 1 Moonwalk (1969) 2 JFK assassination (1963) 3 September 11 attacks (2001) 4 Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales (1997) 5 Bobby Moore lifting World Cup (1966) 6 Iranian Embassy siege (1980) 7 Martin Luther King's 'I Have A Dream' speech (1963) 8 Margaret Thatcher's resignation (1990) 9 Hindenberg disaster (1937) 10 Munich Olympics massacre (1972) 11 Child napalm victim in Vietnam (1972) 12 Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olympics (1936) 13 Hitler comes to power (1933) 14 Emily Davidson killed at the Derby (1913) 15 Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989) 16 Hiroshima/Nagasaki atomic blasts (1945) 17 Nelson Mandela freed (1990) 18 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster (1986) 19 Neville Chamberlain's 'Peace In Our Time' speech (1938) 20 The Beatles' US tour (1964)
The portrait of Field Marshal Paul von Hindenberg was sold to a London art dealer for pounds 1,700 by Peter Francis fine art auctioneers of Carmarthen after the German government renounced an ownership claim.
FANCY tapping into footage of the Hindenberg Disaster, the outbreak of WW2 or Roger Bannister's sub-four-minute mile?
May 6, 1937 was a bad day for Zeppelin passengers because the Hindenberg exploded.