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a major school of Buddhism teaching personal salvation through one's own efforts

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an offensive name for the early conservative Theravada Buddhism

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Swat was once the cradle of Buddhism of all of its schools - Mahayana, Hinayana and Tantrayana, where once 1,400 monasteries flourished.
a outra area de influencia, desenvolve--se a partir do Sri--Lanka, de onde o Budismo Hinayana atingiu Mianmar (sec.
With the Yogacara, we move from the early schools of Buddhism, which some term rather pejoratively the Hinayana (small vehicle) to the Mahayana (great vehicle).
La marcha empieza por el Hinayana, el pequeno vehiculo que se caracteriza por el acento puesto en la disciplina exterior.
The Chinese ruling family would then support Taoism, "related" as they were to Lao Tzu, or even Hinayana Buddhism as more moderate in theory, practice and expectations.
The Turfan texts are of unique significance for the study of Central Asian Buddhism since they testify to the existence of a thriving Hinayana community with monasteries of mostly Sarvastivada and Mulasarvastivada affiliation along the northern Silk Route, while the scriptures which were found on the southern Silk Route are mostly Mahayana texts.
D'ailleurs, alors que les adeptes du bouddhisme hinayana (du petit vehicule) cherchent a atteindre la liberation individuelle des cycles des reincarnations, ceux du bouddhisme mahayana (du grand vehicule), comme les pratiquants kadampa souhaitent atteindre la pleine illumination afin de pouvoir aider les autres, et ce, a travers la bodhichitta (soit un etat d'esprit qui veut parvenir a l'illumination au benefice de tous les etres vivants).
Within Thai Buddhism and the Hinayana tradition of Buddhism that dominates Southeast Asia, the most serious form of sexual misconduct which stands as the "first rule of spiritual defeat" is defined as "engaging in any form of sexual activity with another being, of whatever species, to the point of orgasm" (Jackson 57).
Sin embargo, hay dos escuelas budistas, el Hinayana y el Mahayana y se distinguen entre ellas porque la primera cree que al individuo solo debe preocuparle su salvacion o su propio encuentro con la luz o conocimiento, mientras la segunda cree que el conocimiento es un logro personal pero que deben ser transmitidos los pensamientos budistas para que otros se puedan salvar.
Commonly understood to be the spiritual ideal of Hinayana Buddhism, Mahayana texts often denigrate the arhat.
Though the Hinayana school of Buddhism, with its stress on individual meditation and salvation, was tolerated, it was the Mahayana school, with its vast hierarchy of Bodhisattvas, emphasis on prayer over meditation, and its appeal to the masses, that prevailed in Three Kingdoms Korea.
Accumulating merit in the endemic belief system is the way to salvation: "In the narrow way of Hinayana it is not expected that everyone will arrive at Nirvana, it is only a question of amassing merit, which can take thousands of years.
Hinayana (or Theraveda) Buddhism A more moderate form of Buddhism than Mahayana Buddhism, in which the doctrine of Buddhism is worshiped rather than the actual Buddha