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Barbie (doll)


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a young woman indulged by rich and powerful older men

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Instead, she opts for hunky himbo Roland (Patrick Wilson).
A bit like Pete Waterman redoing Beethoven jingles with some donut-brained himbo dancing around in drain pipe trousers, only these ones are good and about as far from shoulder pads as you can get.
TIMBO (tim-bo)--a lumberjack born from the marriage of a bimbo with a himbo [an insecticide obtained from the bark of a South American sapindaceous climber]
Baywatch "himbo" David Hasselhoff has teamed up with diamond geezer Mike Reid in the latest TV ads for Sky.
Which means if you're hip to "himbo"--as in bimbo you're cool.
Ryan Phillipe stars as Shane, a himbo from New Jersey who makes it through 54's hallowed portals thanks to his pretty face and rippling pectorals.
This is one of the interesting directions in which the film threatens to go: a frustrated, romantic old woman (we see her eyes light up when Puccini describes the plot of his new opera) falling for a total himbo with a pretty face and devoted manner.
Precisely what instigated the change is unclear, but the term bimbo came to be exclusively attached to women, to the extent a male equivalent, himbo, had to be invented in the 1980s to redress the balance.
Left, Chancellor George Osborne and right, TV 'himbo' Gregg Wallace
For some reason, Rachel had three songs, Puck has been replaced by a blond himbo and the show seems to have become little more than one long pop music video to promote the many songs that can be downloaded for a fee after each episode.
I've been harsh on himbo Channing Tatum (Fighting) before but he's actually pretty good here playing John, a handsome Special Forces soldier who meets beautiful golden haired Savannah, as played by Mamma Mia's Amanda Seyfried, while home on leave from the army.
The maestro here is Ian Tracey, long-time Philharmonic chorus master, who has already produced previous festive material, including a CD featuring readings by Richard Baker, the former television news reader (still unsurpassed by today's himbo and bimbo duettists).
"It's a great gamut covering the spectrum of denial and outness," he says of his characters, which include an Internet chat room cruiser, a married closet case, and a bathhouse "himbo" known for his ample endowment.