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a disparaging term for an unsophisticated person


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"I remember the singer reaching past and grabbing me by the arm, taking my tape and saying 'Right, there's the stage, there's the spotlight, there's the mic - you're on your own!'" So started his first public gig and in front of 300 people as the teenage Dave performed Hillybilly Rock, an old classic by The Wool Packers.
Kelly, 19, is battling an addiction to prescription painkillers known as "Hillybilly Heroin".
WHEN they saw a gorilla zooming down the street on rollerblades, police in Saskatchewan, Canada, found the teenager inside the monkey suit was working as the Hillybilly Vac Shack's mascot.
Today with its flute is XTC, T.V is hillybilly rock 'n' roll, Down By The River shows their folk influences but is another beautiful Radiohead-like love song.