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a metric space that is linear and complete and (usually) infinite-dimensional

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This paper addresses how to find a matrix representation of operators on a Hilbert space H with Bessel sequences, frames, and Riesz bases.
Here we begin with a review of the primary relationships between the observer with the observed, using a Hilbert space approach, suitable for primary qualia (1).
Let H be an infinite dimensional separable Hilbert space of analytic functions defined in D = {z [member of] C, [absolute value of (z)] < 1} such that, for each [lambda] [member of] D, the linear functional of point evaluation [e.
In [18] Duncan and Pasic- Duncan considered linear stochastic differential equations on Hilbert spaces with exponential-quadratic cost functionals giving differential operator Ricatti equations.
2]([OMEGA]) are the Hilbert spaces of real functions with usual scalar products.
In order to explain the results we have in mind, it is convenient to consider the abstract form: Let V and H be two real Hilbert spaces such that V is a dense subspace of .
Tian: A general iterative algorithm for nonexpansive mappings in Hilbert spaces, Nonlinear Anal.
The graduate text explores Banach spaces and Hilbert spaces and covers enough of the theory of Sobolev spaces and semigroups of linear operators for developing applications to elliptic, parabolic, and hyperbolic partial differential equations.
b] the Hilbert spaces of linear combinations of elements taken in the sampling sequences [Z.
Quantum theory's foundations currently rest on abstract mathematical formulations known as Hilbert spaces and C* algebras.
On the other hand there are more and more signals that nature is fundamentally granular and rigged Hilbert spaces do not provide that feature.
A strong convergence of common elements of the fixed point sets of the strictly pseudocontractive mapping and of the solution sets of the generalized equilibrium problem is established in the framework of Hilbert spaces.