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a coastal region of the western Arabian Peninsula bordering on the Red Sea

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The passage is dangerous -- the road has fallen into disuse since the Hijaz rail line was laid and brigands are known to frequent it -- but the chief instructs his brother Hussein to guide the Englishman and his escort to their destination.
Equipped with numerous malls, retail stores, boutiques, restaurants and hotels, Hijaz Gate will be the new economic hub of the city and it is expected that the site will be visited by millions of people every year.
Eight citizens including two women were killed in an explosion caused by a bomb placed by terrorists at the entrance to the Hijaz railroad company," according to AFP.
It is good to see Hijaz College continuing his vision.
The Hijaz Railway was built a century ago at an estimated cost of five million Ottoman gold liras.
He was released in March 1917 to take command of the Arab regular forces fighting under the Amir Faisal bin Hussain (later King Faisal I of Iraq) in the Hijaz.
But overall, the urban centers of the erstwhile Roman empire, whose requirements for oriental luxury goods had for centuries been the lifeblood of trans-Arabian commerce, were now in economic chaos; and in the Hijaz itself, the demand for widespread importation of silk that had prevailed in earlier centuries has been explicitly explained by the compiler of historical traditions, al-Bukhari.
String Quartet was clearly second best in the Listed Prix de Thiberville at Deauville yesterday, but she was awarded the race after the disqualification of Hijaz, who won with something in hand, writes Desmond Stoneham.
The first was the initial phase of state formation between 1916 and 1925, when Ibn Saud, founder of the Saudi Kingdom, used tribal disputes to undermine the power of his main rivals, particularly King Husayn of the Hijaz, and attain political and military supremacy.
The stores are located in Saudi Arabia at the following locations: Dhahran Mall, Granada Mall, Riyadh Gallery, Al-Faisaliah Mall, Al-Nakheel Mall, Al-Othaim Mall, Khuraish Mall, Panorama, Mall of Arabia, Aziz Mall, Red Sea Mall, Salaam Mall, Makkah Mall, Hijaz and Al-Noor Mall.
The pilgrims while expressing their views expressed satisfaction over the accommodation, food and transport arrangements made by the Federal Government in Hijaz e Muqadas.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Zafar Hijaz said Friday he will go public to explain his position after the JIT completes its investigation.
27 Told Beirut's Future TV That The Ulterior Objective Of Iran's Shi'ite Theocracy Was To Get The Head Of [King Salman] Ibn Abdul-Aziz' And Take The Hijaz, Where The Heart Of Islam, Consisting Of Mecca And Madina, Is Located
Those convicted were Kollalathil Abdurahman (55), Abdul Karim (45), Abdul Nazar (31), Maliekal Fayaz (28), Kulathingal Najid (22), Kadavu Rashid (22), Hijaz Rahman (24), Mohammad Jamsheer (25) and Shahul Hameed (29).
Hijaz and other Arab areas visited Chittagong Port in Bangladesh for promoting trade.