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a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad


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Rite Aid and higi first partnered in 2014 to offer free health screenings through higi in Rite Aid stores.
"Higi offers a valuable resource to our customers in Rite Aid stores," said Summer Kerley, Rite Aid's vice president of clinical services.
"Our unique strength is in our established network of smart health stations in retailers and points of trust in communities across the country and in the strategic relationships we have with each of our retail partners," said Jeff Bennett, higi's chief executive officer.
Higi called the series "a product of clever spins and a preconceived agenda."
"The new guidelines released by ACA and AHA are noteworthy and indicate the vital importance for individuals to know their key biometrics and what it means for their personal health," stated Khan Siddiqui, chief medical officer and chief technology officer at Chicago-based higi SH LLC.
The discussion was led by panelists Jeff Bennett, chief executive officer of Higi; Kara Clark, vice president of health analytics, research and reporting at Walgreens; Richard Noffsinger, former CEO and president of Active Health Management; and Divya Errabelli, vice president of analytics at Health Dialog.
has partnered with higi to advance the retailer's in-store health and wellness experience.
One of the more prominent players is Chicago-based higi, whose health stations are found at food and drug chains.
At the back, the spacious pharmacy has separate drop-off and pickup windows, a consultation room and a higi health station.
CHICAGO -- Community-based health and wellness platform higi is collaborating with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to promote Eat Well, America!, a new consumer education campaign, as part of American Diabetes Month.
Companies such as Life Clinic, SoloHealth and Higi in the United States have expanded significantly in the past three years by offering a convenient solution to health tracking via kiosks connected to mobile devices.
Customers can get health assessments at a higi health station in the pharmacy area and address foot care needs at a Dr.
Separately, technology provider higi recently announced that Rite Aid Corp.
Under an agreement with Chicago-based higi, Rite Aid is expected to install 4,100 higi Stations in its stores by early next year, with the rollout starting in the second quarter of this year.
A company with ambitions to tie everything together is higi. Listed as one of Forbes' "5 Most Important New Companies You Need to Know," higi encourages consumers to track a range of health indicators on its site, incorporating data from several devices and apps.