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a filter that passes frequencies above a certain value and attenuates frequencies below that value

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This chart follows all the design principles of the ETDRS chart, incorporating a logMAR format, but the Sloan letter set is presented in a highpass design.
To the best of our knowledge there exists no algorithm so far in the literature either in time or frequency domain that performs lowpass highpass bandpass and bandstop filtering of the input auto and cross correlation sequences through
This filter has a single passband property because of the lowpass characteristic of the DGS and highpass characteristic of the interdigital coupling line.
Switches internal to the RCA direct either the receiver voltage signal path or the capacitor voltage signal path through an internal highpass filter to the RCA output.
Conversely, the connected arrays exhibit highpass frequency filtering which is expected with inductive meshes [11] as now the currents are able to propagate through the continuous array of metal.
The cutoff frequency, at which FBP algorithms switch from highpass to Gaussian filtering of the Fourier transformed projections before backprojecting them, had a noticeable impact on the error in boundary length measurement.
S o, feature extraction from this vector gives features from the lowpass as well as the highpass components of the signal which are more robust features to the presence of degradations.
The functional complement to the low-pass filter is the highpass filter.
To test the robustness of the proposed watermarking scheme against filtering attacks, the watermarked audio signals were subjected to lowpass filtering (LPF), highpass filtering (HPF), and bandpass filtering (BPF) attacks.
To clarify things, examine the response of the bass management system's lowpass and highpass sections with the Sound Equalizer in and out of the signal chain (figure 11).
Afterwards, Norbet Wiener, Highpass or Lowpass is used to improve image ([23], [14], [11]).
The third subdivision, Highpass Meadows, won preliminary approval in February 2005.
The program enables the user interactively to specify and modify the desired type (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop), the order (N), and the corner frequencies [f.
Filtering for the appropriate carrier frequencies takes place in the hearing organ, and subsequent filtering for SRI takes place using a pair (one for each ear) of output neurons that act as lowpass filters, followed by another pair of neurons that act as a highpass filters.