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the reproduction of sound with little or no distortion

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It also powers the Qualcomm Aqstic audio codec, providing users with impressive high-fidelity audio performance.
The Mo-Fi ($349.99), however, is armed with an incredibly powerful internal amplifier that sculpts and boosts audio from mobile devices into a high-fidelity audio experience, with rich bass and crisp high frequencies that bring out the vocals and the goose-bumps factor.
- Improved ergonomics: better placement of note and receipt devices, stereo high-fidelity audio, ADA/ANSI compliant, and acclaimed engineering design in self-service.
to a high-fidelity audio magnate for $1 and an assumption of debt, the current owner of Newsweek magazine said last week that it would cease its print edition at the end of December and become a digital-only publication.
The D800 offers high-fidelity audio recording control with audio levels that can be set and monitored on the camera's LCD screen.
Called OraStream, MP4SLS aims to reshape digital audio entertainment through the adoption of Digital Long Play apps (DLP) which has a miniscule digital “footprint” of only 300 Kb to 1MB but delivers a combination of high-fidelity audio streams that adapt streaming rates based on observed network conditions.
With a unique slide-out speaker and integrated kickstand with integrated Dolby MobileEoAaAo and SRS WOW HDEoAaAo, the HTC 7 Surround delivers high-fidelity audio and virtual surround sound that enable people to share their favorite music and videos with their friends in style.
Their collaboration helped to create a new industry, described as "high-fidelity audio." Harman bought out his partner in 1956 and expanded Harman Kardon into an audio powerhouse.
The unique architecture of the IDT P95020 features a best-in-class high-fidelity audio subsystem, clock generation, resistive touch controller, backlight LED driver, Li+/Polymer battery charger, multi-channel DC-to-DC converters and a high resolution analog-to-digital converter (ADC).
Functionality: H&H Software's Talking Phrase Books European Languages Pack features more than 1,000 phrases in 10 major categories and 50 subcategories, all of which can be spoken back to users in high-fidelity audio by a native language speaker.
An HDMI port delivers high-quality visuals and high-fidelity audio to a home theatre or external LCD via a single cable connection.
Within those worlds, users can communicate with high-fidelity audio and share live applications such as web browsers, open office documents, social applications and games.
Each mySky comes with high-fidelity audio earbuds and a 256-megabyte SD storage card.
Used in pairs, the balun has a bandwidth of 20 Hz-20 KHz and is designed for high-fidelity audio applications where full spectrum audio frequency response is required.
Incorrect tracking may cause picture flicker, loss of color, high-fidelity audio distortion, and other symptomatic picture and audio degradation.