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a solemn and elaborate Mass with music

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The Pontifical Latin High Mass (Ordinary Form) was conducted by Cardinal Burke and our choirs sang O Lord Our Governor by Healey Willan for the processional.
CovalX is the market leader in intact protein complex analysis using high mass MALDI based technology with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and a North American subsidiary in Saugus, MA.
A preprogrammed selective soldering machine's fountain can get solder into the holes despite the assembly's high mass, but the process is more automated (Figure 1).
Traditional approaches for deducing empirical formulae from mass spectrometry data are said to often depend on very high mass accuracy, which carries a corresponding high cost and considerable time input from the user to eliminate low-probability structures.
As for the jokes, forget it; except for a sugar-cured Ian McKellen having a high old time as church-hating British nobleman Leigh Teabing, Howard's movie is as solemn as a High Mass.
St Patrick's Day began with a special high mass at St Elizabeth's Church and finished with dancing and singing at parties throughout the city.
FTICR MS, assisted by the DREAMS algorithm (dynamic range enhancement applied to mass spectrometry) makes possible very high mass measurement accuracy (MMA).
The detection efficiency for high mass ions by the microchannel plate detectors commonly employed remains a persistent problem.
Simulation of complete stars in three-dimensions to study how the orbits of binary stars with a high mass ratio become unstable and merge.
Following the pomp and ceremony of the service in London's Westminster Abbey, we expected a High Mass, with bishops, lay clergy, full choir and organ.
Here, the royal court of seventeenth-century Spain met High Mass met the fashion runways of next season's Milan.
No cultural High Mass reveals this better than the annual Academy Awards ceremony, in which a small coterie of Hollywood film people congratulates, mostly, a small coterie of Hollywood film people.
T-Drive provides intelligent thermal overdrive, coupled with a system of thermal stress control, that allows high mass and thermally latent DUTs to be conditioned or tested in far less time than traditional "ramp and soak" methods without the risk of unwanted thermal shock.
Then, invoking both sets of theories, Hawking looks at attempts to explain phenomena such as black holes (celestial bodies of such high mass that light cannot escape their gravitational fields).
DALMATIC, a vestment worn by a deacon or subdeacon at a solemn high Mass, conjured up memories of people who were married or buried with full liturgical splendor.