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a group in the Anglican Church that emphasizes the Catholic tradition (especially in sacraments and rituals and obedience to church authority)

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This was particularly true of the rivalry between the Church Missionary Society (CMS), dominated by evangelicals insisting on the priority in missionary work of preaching faith in Jesus Christ to prepare the way for the establishment of a fully episcopal church structure at a suitable future time, and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG), dominated by high churchmen who emphasized clerical authority and the importance of establishing proper episcopal structures from the very beginning of overseas mission work.
As we have seen, throughout the 1690s the High Church party had repeatedly accused the Latitudinarians of doctrinal heterodoxy, but what made matters worse in the eyes of High Churchmen was the end to which that heterodoxy was directed.
The high churchmen who met in convocation from 1704-1713, the "undocumented majority," and their role in party politics provide the subject for chapter four.
Defoe's intention was to mock the High Anglican position by carrying it to extremes, but several eminent high churchmen, unwarily or perhaps with a sense of humour, gave it their endorsement.
5) For Jacobites and High Churchmen, the practice of occasional conformity was rather, as Holmes explains, "an abominable hypocrisy.
Clergymen, including High Churchmen, were urged by Meyer in 1910 to pray for their local Baptist and Salvation Army neighbors.
The genius of the confession is its room for high churchmen (like this Edwardian high churchman) and the most fervent evangelical.
The death of this great figure, who had been Archpriest of Santa Maria Maggiore, Protector of the Augustinian Hermits, and Archbishop of Rouen, foreshadows the actions and motivations of high churchmen of the sixteenth century churchmen in whose interests it might have been to extinguish his long, Gallic shadow.
Sometimes the new generation of High Churchmen impeded diocesan reform because of their intransigence to the work of older, 'Orthodox' Trollopian High Churchmen who affected reform of the most vital part of the church, the diocese.
Thus, instead of the view of the 'Glorious Revolution' as essentially conservative, he shows how it was really a revolution, especially to Tories and High Churchmen.
In the first, in the 1840s, the ecclesiologists "worked out in theoretical and practical terms how the Church principles propounded by old-style High Churchmen and Tractarians should be applied to the aesthetic aspect of worship" (p.
Though gesturing towards this paradox, Parry's working model of the antiquary remains somewhat traditional: a William Dugdale or Henry Spelman, High Churchmen impelled towards preservation through a consciousness of England's vanished monastic past, or through witnessing parliamentarian damage to churches.
Richard Hurrell Froude (1803-36), one of Newman's closest friends, idiosyncratically labelled the parties in the Church of England at the time of the Oxford Movement as: "X's" = Evangelicals, "Y's" = Tractarians, and "Z's" = High Churchmen (20).
The pamphlet had a huge sale, but Dissenters and High Churchmen alike took it seriously and were furious when the hoax was exposed.
Arabin, through Oxford influences, was appointed to the deanship--a victory for the High Churchmen.