mouse-ear hawkweed

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Synonyms for mouse-ear hawkweed

European hawkweed having soft hairy leaves

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Mortier (1998) "Effect of extracts of Orthosiphon stamineus Benth, Hieracium pilosella L.
Another daisy with a similar growth habit called Hieracium pilosella has recently expanded its range in New Zealand.
Colonization dynamics and relative abundance of three plant species (Antennaria dioica, Hieracium pilosella and Hypochoeris maculata) in dry semi-natural grasslands.
For example, in Hieracium pilosella a high rate of herbivory by rabbits not only increases the rate of flowering, but also increases clonal growth (Bishop and Davy 1984).
two perennial grass species that dominate Nenzlinger Weide, and Hieracium pilosella L.
balearica, Poa bulbosa, Astragalus monspessulanus, Parentucellia latifolia and Sedum sexangulare +in 4; Medicago disciformis +in 6; Hieracium pilosella +in 7.
en 8 y 13; Wahlenbergia hederacea + en 2 y r en 16; Ulex gallii r en 3; Potentilla erecta + en 8; Doronicum plantagineum y Scilla verna +, Veratrum album y Hieracium pilosella 1 en 10; Cardamine hirsuta r en 12.