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a protein gelatin obtained by boiling e

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All was slathered with warmed hide glue (Knox gelatin rendered into a cold honey consistency) laid up and carefully clamped into laminated plywood jigs of Alan's own design--controlled chaos at it best.
Liquid Hide Glue: The liquid hide glue is applied over a dried base colored coating and can be thinned out with hot water to reduce its viscosity.
A corner block was then coated with liquid animal hide glue on each glue face and firmly pushed into position in the corner formed by the rail and post.
Biscuit slot glue tips, glue spreaders, polyurethane glue, hide glue and epoxy are available at some hardware stores and home centers.
Or you can use hot animal-hide glue or liquid hide glue (about $5 per 8-ounce bottle).
For this reason, either hide glue or pitch was applied over the wraps when hard use was expected, as in the case of bows or fishing gear.
Today this is referred to as hide glue, and it can be purchased from your local hardware merchant.
You'll be able to recognize hide glue by its dark, crystalline appearance and sticky texture when it's moistened.
In earlier times, hide glue was used to bind real sand to bark or paper.
If you can't hide glue blocks anywhere, use nails, screws, dowels or biscuits (see Photo 4).
Photo B shows pounding along the length of the strap to loosen the muscle fiber from the dried natural hide glue.
Hide glue is great for furniture with lots of interlocking parts, especially chairs, because it gives you about 30 minutes to assemble all those tricky parts.