opportunity cost

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cost in terms of foregoing alternatives

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For our farming industry to be competitive and have a sustainable future these hidden costs must be quantified and recovered in what is paid at the farm gate.
Now let's turn our attention to the final hidden cost of the new accountability, the journey.
Panelists demonstrated that by finding and eliminating hidden costs, they improved their bottom lines.
Such problems create additional concerns for the VR agency because mandated purchasing may increase training costs, contribute to needless system complexities, and force the agency into long-term hidden costs for system updates and equipment service.
Many costs get buried in the company, and the hidden costs are growing rapidly while the centrally managed costs are declining.
The new office will target retailers, banks and the financial markets with TNS' proven technologies that help unlock hidden cost savings and improve the effectiveness of data communications.
The new business will offer retailers, banks and financial markets the ability to unlock hidden cost savings and dramatically improve the efficiency of their transaction and communications infrastructures.
Hidden costs are things like fees or payment charges that can mislead consumers and prevent them from understanding the actual cost of purchase.
HOLIDAYMAKERS hate hidden costs when they are preparing for a break away, a survey shows.
Dave Paulding, regional sales director for UK, Middle East and Africa at Interactive Intelligence, discusses the hidden costs associated with the cloud computing model.
Leader Nick Forbes said: "This is one of those hidden costs that has not been made public.
The study, The Hidden Costs of the Iraq War, estimates the wars have cost the average American family of four more than pounds 10,000, and that could rise to pounds 23,200 over the decade.
For Americans who wonder how such an enormous financial commitment to medicine results in such spotty coverage, they are examples of the many hidden costs of which most medical consumers are unaware.
WATCH out for hidden costs that could scupper that move to a dream home.
Pay Now or Pay Later: The Hidden Costs of High School Exit Exams (May 2004)