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reserves that do not show up on the balance sheet (as by understating values)

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Hannoversche is renowned for its active investment strategy of boosting published results through the rapid realization of hidden asset values.
Additionally, the company maintains approximately $600 million of hidden asset value in its 77% ownership of John Nuveen.
Additionally, the company currently maintains approximately $600 million of hidden asset value in its 77% ownership of The John Nuveen Company.
Michelle, aged 21 from Inverness, might seem a pushover at just 5ft 5ins tall but she has a hidden asset - a judo black belt - and she has represented Scotland at the Commonwealth Games.
com: Wal-mart's decision last week to hoard its treasure trove of transaction datareveals a valuable hidden asset.
Hidden Asset Report Analyst, Fredrik Tjernstrom, will discuss PrimaCom AG (Nasdaq: PCAG), Charter Communications, Inc.
com's weekly show, 'The Hidden Asset Report,' Hidden Asset Report Analyst, Fredrik Tjernstrom will talk about under-appreciated, undiscovered, low P/E stocks.
Coverage of the required minimum margin is also strong when including hidden asset values of 3.
Islamabad -- Mohammad Naveed, Senior Vice President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called upon the government to focus on introducing separate tax amnesty schemes for local and foreign Pakistanis that would enable them to declare their hidden assets and bring more capital within the country for business and investment activities.
However, many Pakistanis living within the country and in foreign countries were possessing hidden assets and money that could be brought into the mainstream economy by offering separate amnesty schemes.
He ordered that PS8,200 in hidden assets be confiscated and paid in compensation to Mr and Mrs Bukhara within three months.
A long-term remedy, issuing e-coins or e-currency can help such corruption-hit countries as India and Pakistan to control black money, eradicate corruption and encourage the general public to disclose their hidden assets to the government.
The Election Tribunal had declared elections void and ordered re-polling in the constituency on the plea filed by Khawaja Daud Sulemani, an independent candidate, who had alleged that his opponent concealed her property and hidden assets.
He then got up and eventually left, saying: "I have never hidden assets.
Grilled about Wintris, he initially blamed his wife then got up and tried to leave, saying: "I have never hidden assets.