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a member of the Sioux people formerly inhabiting an area along the Missouri river in western North Dakota


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a Siouan language spoken by the Hidatsa

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Crees and Assiniboines, who lived on the far northeastern Plains and in the parklands along the Saskatchewan River, also witnessed upwards of one-third of their people perish after one of their war parties attacked a contaminated Mandan or Hidatsa village.
Mandan Winter squash, Arikara watermelon and Hidatsa red beans are but a few strains the company introduced.
Oral history for the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara does not ascribe heroine status to Sacagawea, she said.
Called "The Way to Independence: Memories of a Hidatsa Indian Family, 1840-1920," it is the most subtly complex portrait of an indigenous population that a U.S.
The Hidatsa Red Indian bean is the color of coral; Nonna Agness Blue Bean seems made of lapis, and my yellow wax bean is now a polished onyx black.
They made a permanent alliance with them about 1700, after the Crows had separated from the Hidatsa's and long before the Dakotas came into the Black Hills (about 1775).
In exhaustive detail, Mann traces each vector responsible for carrying a disease "so malignant that death ensued within a few hours" (73), killing approximately 90 percent of the Mandan, 70 percent of the Hidatsa, and 50 percent of the Arikara populations.
Will, who propagated the variety from beans given to him by a Hidatsa Indian named Son of Star in Bismarck, Dakota Territory, in 1896.
Undergraduate session talks will be in the Hidatsa room in the Memorial Union--session will be chaired by A.
A sacrifice to the narrative flow that compromises the scholarly value of this seemingly well-written study is a repeated insistence on using a generalization-"Indians"--that obscures the historical identities of native peoples: Walla Walla, Hidatsa, Nez Perce, Salish, Mandan, Crow, Omaha, or Minatarre.
For Cross' Three Affiliated Tribes - the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara - tragedy literally inundates them in the form of 20 million acre-feet of water, thanks to a federal dam project that floods their ancestral lands.
More than 50 archaeological sites at the park have revealed a period of human settlement spanning thousands of years, most recently marked by five centuries of Hidatsa earth lodge habitation.
College Three Affiliated Tribes of the Arikara, Hidatsa and Mandan Sitting Bull College Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Turtle Mountain Comm.
The Mandans were forced to merge with the Hidatsa people.