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Synonyms for hick


Synonyms for hick

of or relating to the countryside

Synonyms for hick

a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture

awkwardly simple and provincial

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Hicks, 25, was allegedly involved in at least four armed robberies with his girlfriend, (http://www.
An only child of parents who later divorced, Hicks dropped out of school at 15, worked on cattle stations and then trained horses in Japan.
After all, Hicks told A-Rod's agent, Scott Boras at the time, "We're Number 4 in [major league] revenue and heading up.
The deal would see the Hicks family retain a small share of the team which could fetch up to pounds 300m.
Hicks valued the club at 600 million pounds, 200 million pounds more than waht the Kuwaiti corsortium was willing to fork out.
John Wesley Hicks, who is also known as "Pee Wee" or "Pete," dropped off his dog Bear at a friend's home, as he did on most days, his nephew said.
That revelation will give more hope to prospective buyers of Liverpool, Dubai International Capital, who have long believed Hicks - and his estranged co-owner George Gillett - have found it virtually impossible to raise further loans to facilitate the move from Anfield.
Using organic chemistry to control the structure of the organic molecules in turn provides a handle for controlling the structure and the properties of the magnet you make," Hicks says.
Without a strong vocal identity and tethered to a Top-40 producer (matchbox twenty's Matt Serletic) who values badly dated '80s-style synth sweetening over true Southern soul grit, the admittedly hard-working Hicks is being pulled apart in a wind of good intentions.
Hicks said the probability of obtaining a LEED certification for an existing building depends largely on upkeep.
Hicks said the Treasury Department does not become involved in taxpayer-specific cases, and suggested it was appropriate to let the audit process run its course.
A native of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Hicks was orphaned in infancy and raised by a Quaker family.
While waiting for the oil change, he spoke with salespeople who offered him $16,000 on his trade-in, which Hicks had paid off that March after taking out a low-rate loan against his house.
We will now have a single information management system, which will be used by both government and industry, and greater management and visibility of our rail cars," said Hicks.
In court papers, Hicks says he developed Shakin' "to provide guidance and assistance to inner-city children in an effort to develop useful life skills" such as creativity, discipline, sportsmanship, and dedication.