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frontier marshal whose adventures have become legendary (1837-1876)

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Roy Church and Harold Nye talk to Hickock about minor offenses--his parole violation and "passing bad checks" (253)--to lull him into a sense of false security.
The fragments were collected at the request of a Sarasota County Sheriff's detective, who has been trying to determine whether Hickock and Smith were responsible for the deaths of Cliff and Christine Walker and their two young children on December 19 1959, in their home in Osprey, about four hours north west of Miami near Sarasota, Florida.
Ambition gradually consumes Capote as he follows the trial of Smith and Hickock to its devastating conclusion, wrecking relationships with long-term lover Jack Dunphy (Greenwood) and childhood friendship Nelle Harper Lee (Keener).
Smith and Hickock were lambs to the slaughter, sacrificed at the altar of Capote's ruthless pursuit of adulation.
The lively musical centres around the rivalry and eventual romance between Jane and Wild Bill Hickock
Hickock has been following Dave & Buster's (NYSE:DAB) since it went public in June 1995.
AMEX: AFT), a recognized leader in the design and development of fixed wireless voice and broadband data products, today announced the appointment of Clark Hickock as chief executive officer and a member of our board of directors.
GO WEST: Neil Broadbent as Wild Bill Hickock and Nicci Cooney as Calamity Jane in Longwood's production (AC051009Bokla)
Hoffman deservedly won an Oscar for his riveting portrayal of Truman Capote in Bennett Miller's critically feted feature which focuses on the years of the writer's life when he became interested, and later obsessed, with drifters Perry Smith (Collins Jr) and Richard Hickock (Pellegrino), the men arrested and charged with the murders of an entire Kansas family in 1959.
The film focuses on the years of Capote's life when he became interested, and later obsessed, with drifters Perry Smith (Clifton Collins Jr) and Richard Hickock (Mark Pellegri-no), the two men arrested and charged with the murders of an entire Kansas family in November 1959.
MARK WAHLBERG is to star as a cold-blooded killer Perry Smith who, along with Richard Hickock, murdered an entire family.
One grave is for Wild Bill Hickock, the second is for Calamity Jane and the third is for John Perrett, known as Potato Creek Johnny.
Then it's a reverse chronological spin to the far reaches of LaChiusa's imagination: To a plane over Dallas with Jackie Kennedy's personal assistant; to Mamie Eisenhower's time-traveling bedroom, and finally to the interior of Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra in 1933, where Eleanor Roosevelt is going ga-ga over a flight lesson and pal Lorena Hickock is pouting philosophically over her back-seat treatment.
He's the star of the thrilling mini-series, In Cold Blood, playing real- life psychopath and child molester Dick Hickock.
Eleanor also had close women friends, chief among them Lenora Hickock, an Associated Press reporter who gave up her career when she fell in love with Eleanor.