Hibiscus tiliaceus

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shrubby tree widely distributed along tropical shores

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The associate vegetation is composed by "aguacatillos" (Persea sp.), "bejucos lecheros" (Rhabdadenia biflora), "helechos cola de gallo" (Acrostichum aureum), "malvaceas" (Hibiscus tiliaceus), "manzanos de playa" (Hipopomane mancinella), "clemones" (Thespesia populnea) and "arbustos espinosos" (Caesalpinea sp.).
Beta-244308, an isolated piece of Hibiscus tiliaceus wood (short lived species) from the same stratigraphic context, overlaps with OZJ702 at two sigma and most likely dates to the 17th century.
Again, make sure your selection is appropriate, for you may espy Hibiscus tiliaceus and there is a vast difference between it and a Hibiscus rosa-sinensis.
californica Hibiscus Sea Hibiscus tiliaceus Hickory Scrub Carya floridana Holly Carolina Ilex ambigua Holly Dune Ilex opaca var.