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a town in northeastern Minnesota in the Mesabi Range

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KGPZ uses W252AN to reach Hibbing and WEVE uses W221AU to reach the Virginia, Minn.
Hibbing was accused of lying to his clients to convince them to surrender their existing annuities and immediately purchase new ones while failing to notify those clients of early termination penalties.
As if the winner of 11 Grammies, an Oscar, the Presidential Medal of Freedom - the 'genius' who inspired and fired-up youth throughout the world - could have done all this if he'd stayed in little Hibbing.
Weberman; to collectors who divvied up the windows removed from Dylan's Hibbing home; to a votary called to baby-sit Dylan's Duluth highchair; to gypsies following Bob on his Never Ending Tour and rushing to get "on the rail.
Hibbing, Smith, and Alford, a team of researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Rice University who have published some of the most penetrating research on left-right differences in recent years, provide a lively and amusing tour of the landscape.
Hibbing and Smith teach political science at the University of Nebraska.
Brown was born June 12, 1949, in Hibbing to George and Helen (Jarva) Brown.
Chlorinated solvents have been detected in groundwater at sites in Hibbing and Biwabik, said Mark Elliott, hydrologist for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
What: Michael Salmonson, a local resident of Hibbing MN was recently named one of 60 semifinalists in the freshly redesigned 46th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest.
Printing of the group's Hibbing Daily Tribune, Mesabi Daily News, Grand Rapids Herald-Review, Chisholm Tribune Press, and Manney's Shopper moved to Forum Communications' new state-of-the-art facility in Duluth on April 1.
I propose to use Guggenheim Fellowship funds towards the lease/purchase and operation of the now-vacant Kelly Lake General Store in this hamlet outside of Hibbing, Minnesota.
Daryn Lowman, a ceramics professor at Hibbing Community College in Hibbing, Minn.
That's the suggestion from a new study published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE by a team of researchers led by University of Nebraska political scientists Kevin Smith and John Hibbing.
UNL political scientist and co-author John Hibbing said the results might mean that those on the right are more attuned and attentive to aversive elements in life and are more naturally inclined to confront them.
Following the collapse of the Northern League, Brookins signed with the Hibbing Colts, the "independent champs of the Northwest," beginning a decade-long relationship with the semipro club.